Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Put the Whoa on Nelly

Monday for me began like any other, with me making all these big crafting plans to complete within the next 16 hours or so.

Typical me. As with food, my arty eyes are also bigger than my stomach.

So, at some point yesterday, I mysteriously just put the whoa on Nelly, as we say down here. IOW, I put the brakes on. Reality met my art-fantasy life.

I was frankly amazed, because my left-brain usually has to talk my right-brain into something like that. I had big plans to make like a bazillion more Valentine cards, and of course I'd never finish in time to mail them all today. So it was with relief that Nelly met whoa. I was finding myself working on ATC's anyway, the entire time I was thinking all these additional cards were going to get made.

I did get cards made and mailed for my folks and Missy. Hub's family is not into cards other than birthdays and Christmas...and maybe Easter. I grew up getting and giving cards for any little thing, however. My parents like getting them and giving them.

Speaking of left brain / right brain, I ran across this cool questionaire for artists. The quiz technically is for painters, but it could easily apply also to paper crafters. I found the questions themselves to be quite interesting. Definitely worth a try...

I've been certifiably ambi-brained almost my entire life (ambi- meaning double, or both as applies to being left-brain or right-brain). I suspect most people are who are left-handed. Something about having to live in a right-handed world makes us enhanced on both sides or something.

At the end of the quiz, it gives you a 2-column table that lists traits and which brain side (column) each trait applies to. Going down my table was like tracing ric rac...that one on the left is true, the next one on the right is true, lather, rinse, repeat. Geez, if I didn't know my background, I'd be thoroughly mixed-up. LOL

Anyway, it was all so true! I am horridly late for things, yet I plan out my projects. I hate to keep to-do lists, yet I always read the instructions first. I'm strongly visual, yet I'm strongly verbal, too. And the big one: I remember both faces and names, but if push comes to shove and I don't have face visuals, I may get the names confused.

So, I have to be ambi-brained in order to be a day-dreamer (a huge one) AND pay fastidiously close attention to detail (anally so). Those who know me know I am both of those. Just a weirdo. hehe

Anyway, moving on! Some of you wanted to see my hair after I cut it myself. Over the last couple of days, in spare moments, I've tried to snap some shots of my hair that has been neither coiffed nor styled, so I guess I should be glad I didn't go to the trouble since I totally suck at those Myspace type of self-shots. It's having to use one hand with my arthritic fingers. Not a good combo.

Anyway, here are a couple of everyday shots where maybe you can see that it's just hair and no big deal, LOL. I mean, I am definitely going to get my cut cleaned up, but I'm taking my sweet time doing it...

This is what it looks like most days, from the front: And as far as the back of it goes, Hubs tried helping me out on this one, and as usual, you might want to pop a dramamine if you tend to get seasick, LOL: And finally, I just wanted to add this one, cuz I like it, LOL:

Anyway, the cut is surprisingly even from side to side. I have something approaching Farrah wings (bangs) in front, and a bit of a mullet going on in the back, but nothing that a flat iron can't blend and hide. Plus, I have a tiny bit of a natural poof on top now, which I definitely needed. So, as these photos show, it's hardly noticeable to anyone other than me, but I am so much happier with the shorter layers and not nearly as much hair falling out. And I guess I'm just kind of lucky about cutting my own hair, although my standards on that are so low, lol, luck is not that hard to find. My basic view is, it's just hair and it grows back.

Ok, moving on! Here's the card I made my folks: I probably should have photoshopped that one a bit, because the pink paper ribbon blends much better in real life with the chipboard elements' pink colors. Anyway, this card was just very quick and of course still took me a while, and that wasn't the card's fault (I refuse to say how long it took me...I do not like people laughing at me for any old thing, now). What I thought was cute was that there were 2 girl bunnies and 1 guy bunny...like our family. So, on the inside, I print Happy Love Day, fron the 3 of us. So, that's like each of us (me, Hubs, Missy) are on the front. Yup, my parents get all excited by the lamest stuff. They are gonna love this card...hehe.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Always a fun story to read from you! That card is just adorable and perfect for the 3 of you. I always do stuff in three's also - for my kids!

Lida said...

Your hair looks great and you look awesome on the last picture, I love your bunny card and don´t feel pressured, I´m making one since sunday and is still not done. Thanks for your kind comments ;)

Stephanie said...

Sometimes I am so relieved when WHOA meets Nelly! Love your card!

Lynn said...

Aimes... its good to see that you have been productive. I haven't done a thing lately.

I just love your new hair cut! You did an awesome job. Love it... Love it... Love it.

I just made a bet with my wrestlers that if the one wins 1st place in States that I will cut off 10 inchs of mine. I feel like you... it grows back.

Your card is adorable. I'm sure your parents are going to love it. My parents are the same way.

toners said...

You've been very busy! Great job! And the photos are great too! :)

About the ATC's, I'm storing them in the 7 gypsies holder :) And the scalloped paper was already scalloped; I think it's made by Creative Imaginations.

jill said...

You did a great job on your hair cut! Cute card too!

I so enjoy reading your posts. Almost always a chuckle somewhere to be found :)

Gina said...

Aimes, your hair looks just fine! I can't believe it looks so good after a pony-tail lopping! You did good Girl, you did good.

That card is so sweet. Your mojo is in high gear, hon!

Linda said...

Your hair looks great! Cute card too.

Kim said...

Still can't believe you cut your own hair, and it looks good!

Nice cards!!