Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Needed This!

My friend Dee sent me this in an email and it just cracks me up every time I look at it. So, I figured, why not spread the chuckles? Hope it delivers for you if you need a chuckle.

I'm pretty sure this is a scam...

Warn your friends!

Oh, man, I'm peeing my pants, that just cracks me up....have a good one!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oops, I let 10 days go by

...without posting. Sorry. I've just been doing boring old everyday things: chores, rearranging, a lot of drawing out furniture plans for 4 rooms (I'm redoing one room that impacts 3 others), made some art, did a bunch of laundry, cooked some meals, mailed off some RAK goodies, did some online shopping. Just regular boring stuff.

One thing I've also been doing a lot of is watching old movies on Turner Classic channel. The other day I spent all day watching Robert Montgomery movies and had such a pleasant day. He was one of those actors from the 1930s thru the 1950s who was a master of intelligent and chic light comedy. These are some photos of him:
In his younger days ---

With Carole Lombard in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, 1941 (a firmly established movie star) --

In his later years before retiring, 1950s --

His daughter was Elizabeth Montgomery, who was Samantha on Bewitched. Her first gig was on his very popular tv show in the 1950s.

My favorite Robert Montgomery performance is in the film adaptation of the Noel Coward play, Private Lives. The fact that he is romantically partnered with my favorite actress, Norma Shearer, is a big part of it, but also because he is in all his debonair and witty glory in this kind of vehicle. A very attractive man, too. Those eyes were unlike any on a man, next to my favorite actor's eyes (Gary Cooper).

Another fun time was had catching up on all the episodes of The Girls Next Door that I taped to watch. LOVED the episode where Hef shares his more than 2,000 scrapbooks with the Kendra, Holly and Bridget. The crazy thing is that in his earlier scrapbooks before he was famous, he ART JOURNALED in them, mostly cartoons he would draw and dialogue about a guy who created a tasteful magazine for men about women. Too dang funny.

A few days ago, we finally got Missy's old car out of our driveway and into my brother's driveway. My nephews were thrilled to get the vehicle and were already making plans to change the sound system. I'm really glad we gave them the car.

Well, as soon as I can think of some more boring stuff to blog, I'll be back! winkwink

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Car Days

Well, we finally broke down and got our new car. After weeks of determining where, on an imaginary graph, economy met reliability, the x-y hot point landed on a Honda Civic.

From there, the choice lay with our peculiar tastes. And since it was technically my ride, my choices won out. It had to be silver. It had to be the 4-door sedan and not the 2-door coupe like Hubs preferred.

The interior dashboard won us both over. Sitting in the front seats made us feel like we were in a spacious luxury vehicle. For me, that's easy, as I am only 5'5" on a good day. But for my 6' Hubs to think it's spacious was a plus.

I'll be getting used to my new car in the coming weeks and months. Already I'm getting used to being lower to the ground. I've been higher up for almost a decade and I've been spoiled by it. Down here, a vehicle that is higher up fares better when streets flood. Hubs' answer is that I am to just stay home on those days, and that is a-okay by me. ;-)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mother May I?

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. May is steamrolling through my life at about the same speed as the rest of this year - superfast. Mother's Day is this Sunday and then before I blink good it'll be Memorial Day.

It's also heated up even more down here on the Third Coast since my last entry. Slowly, surely, noticeably. One good thing that has come from it is that I have renewed my efforts to lose some more weight. About dang time, huh?

I should say, if I just make sure every day that I eat and drink everything I am supposed to, it's pretty much a weight loss program. Some days it's a real struggle just to drink the metamucil, the green tea (cuz I gotta have my coffee, too!), the water, the V8... eat the salad, the cheese, the fruit, and the Lean Cuisines or dinner-in-a-bag entree... and not the fast food.

I've been hanging in there, though, and been good for a few days now. Hopefully this will continue.

I want to make clear that I am not at all motivated to do this in order to wear a bathing suit. Lord, no, I can wear my bathing suit in my own pool in my own backyard just fine the way I am. I'm motivated to do this now because warmer weather makes me less hungry overall, and I sweat more. If you had my body, you would know that my fat folds get positively psychotic about sweat.

Ok, ok, I get that way. One summer a few years back, I ignored my fat folds and developed a bad skin infection. Not fun. I believe that's when I discovered Gold Bond medicated skin lotion and I use it religiously to this day, year round. If you are reading this and not in menopause yet, just suffice it to say that after menopause your skin crawls, itches, burns...for no reason at all. It's like your nerve endings are freaking out. Gold Bond helps immensely.

So, anyway, I'm thinking that the more weight I can lose, the better my fat folds will get. A girlfriend of mine scoffs at the idea, though. She has fat folds too, and she says that fat folds are better than skin folds, meaning when you lose the fat in your folds, you are left with skin folds and they droop more.

Great, just great. Deep down I refuse to believe that my skin has lost all of its elasticity, that if I lose the fat in my folds I won't also lose the folds. Say it ain't so, Joe.

I will say one thing, I'm losing those folds one way or another, even if I have to go under the knife. I'm thinking a full frontal slice-off would do just the trick, and take the boobs off, too.

Such is the madness that May brings.... ;-)