Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oops, I let 10 days go by

...without posting. Sorry. I've just been doing boring old everyday things: chores, rearranging, a lot of drawing out furniture plans for 4 rooms (I'm redoing one room that impacts 3 others), made some art, did a bunch of laundry, cooked some meals, mailed off some RAK goodies, did some online shopping. Just regular boring stuff.

One thing I've also been doing a lot of is watching old movies on Turner Classic channel. The other day I spent all day watching Robert Montgomery movies and had such a pleasant day. He was one of those actors from the 1930s thru the 1950s who was a master of intelligent and chic light comedy. These are some photos of him:
In his younger days ---

With Carole Lombard in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, 1941 (a firmly established movie star) --

In his later years before retiring, 1950s --

His daughter was Elizabeth Montgomery, who was Samantha on Bewitched. Her first gig was on his very popular tv show in the 1950s.

My favorite Robert Montgomery performance is in the film adaptation of the Noel Coward play, Private Lives. The fact that he is romantically partnered with my favorite actress, Norma Shearer, is a big part of it, but also because he is in all his debonair and witty glory in this kind of vehicle. A very attractive man, too. Those eyes were unlike any on a man, next to my favorite actor's eyes (Gary Cooper).

Another fun time was had catching up on all the episodes of The Girls Next Door that I taped to watch. LOVED the episode where Hef shares his more than 2,000 scrapbooks with the Kendra, Holly and Bridget. The crazy thing is that in his earlier scrapbooks before he was famous, he ART JOURNALED in them, mostly cartoons he would draw and dialogue about a guy who created a tasteful magazine for men about women. Too dang funny.

A few days ago, we finally got Missy's old car out of our driveway and into my brother's driveway. My nephews were thrilled to get the vehicle and were already making plans to change the sound system. I'm really glad we gave them the car.

Well, as soon as I can think of some more boring stuff to blog, I'll be back! winkwink


City.Girl.Em said...

'oh, were lost in a feast of're a woman just like me! For a brief while, I had a crush on Clark Gable.

Don't apologize. We missed you-don't do it again!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

glad to see you posting though it sure sounds like you're getting a lot of things done! I should watch some of those classic movies....

Linda said...

Don't feel too bad about blogging. I have been a bad blogger lately too. Enjoy your movies!

Alessandro Machi said...

I have a couple of pictures of my father taken when he was in his late 20's or early 30's. He looks like a movie star.