Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Car Days

Well, we finally broke down and got our new car. After weeks of determining where, on an imaginary graph, economy met reliability, the x-y hot point landed on a Honda Civic.

From there, the choice lay with our peculiar tastes. And since it was technically my ride, my choices won out. It had to be silver. It had to be the 4-door sedan and not the 2-door coupe like Hubs preferred.

The interior dashboard won us both over. Sitting in the front seats made us feel like we were in a spacious luxury vehicle. For me, that's easy, as I am only 5'5" on a good day. But for my 6' Hubs to think it's spacious was a plus.

I'll be getting used to my new car in the coming weeks and months. Already I'm getting used to being lower to the ground. I've been higher up for almost a decade and I've been spoiled by it. Down here, a vehicle that is higher up fares better when streets flood. Hubs' answer is that I am to just stay home on those days, and that is a-okay by me. ;-)


Benita said...

Enjoy your new car, although I wish you would have bought a Chrysler instead ;)

littlescrapsofmagic said...

Fun, fun, fun! Take it for a spin for me, okay?

City.Girl.Em said...

Aimes, I'm so happy you got your silver car. I'm totally seething with envy. I'm on my last car now and would love another one-expecially a sporty one like this. Now, all you need is a snappy pair of sun glasses and a new shade of lipstick and you'll be really stylin'.

Happy for you!

Linda said...

Your new car is so nice! Enjoy!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Awe, I haven't been here in forever it seems! Love the new car, looks awesome! hope things are well