Saturday, May 14, 2011

Way-Back Wednesday: That Cajun Sound

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Swamp People on the History Channel. Reason being: I've always been amazed that a place so close to me (cajun Louisiana) is sooo completely different. I mean, I can get there in a car within 3 hours, and the terrain even looks like I never left home, yet I cannot understand a word they say!

Anyway, my favorite in the cast is Troy (you can hear his voice at this link):
Troy Landry (at Right with son Jacob)
I mention hearing Troy's voice because I have this strange attraction to it. And frankly, I've wondered why? Well, while idly surfing (ok, not really true, I always have a definite surfing destination, I just always get detoured on side streets), I happened upon a Blast from the Past...a Way-Back Machine Gem...that I think explains in part my love of listening to Troy.

Anyone remember this man?

There was once upon a time on television, where the only cooking show hosts were Justin Wilson and Julia Childs, both on PBS. The above video, which is quite entertaining, is apparently from the 1970's. The film's video and audio qualities, as well as the kitchen pots, bowls and appliances, pretty much give this away. Plus, I was there, I remember. This was pre-MTV and cable (which came onto the scene in Houston around 1981 or so.)

I can remember my mom or my dad watching one of these shows and yelling at me to go run get a notepad so I could help write down the ingredients. Between us both, we could usually get it all, but there were a few times when we couldn't and so that recipe never got made. Wow, how times have changed with VCRs, DVRs, and the internet and all, huh?

I enjoy kicking back and listening to storytelling like Wilson's. It reminds me of when all the comics had LP records. Bill Cosby's were probably my most fave of all.

When I said I can't understand Cajun, I'm exxagerating. I can understand it, it just takes me a while like my brain is on a delay, to re-assemble the language. It just kills me how Wilson uses the wrong verb tense practically all the time: did for do, took for take, etc. Love that. I've caught Troy on Swamp People doing the same thing, and every Cajun I've ever known does likewise.

Funny how regional dialects develop and remain. And everybody has one. Remember this when you feel the urge to make fun of the way someone talks. You probably sound to them as you think they sound. I just hope I'm a tenth as entertaining as old Mr. "I Guarantee".

P.S. - Incidentally, that Gumbo recipe on the video is worth its weight in gold if you are looking for the real deal. I guarantee! {winkwink}

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Watching the GOP Debate...

...and finding myself almost aghast at how the Fox questioners are slyly and consistantly (so far) managing to showcase their 2 analysts Santorum and Pawlenty (and their often-times guest Cain) at the expense of Johnson and Paul! Do not do that! Emailng Bret right now...

And running commercials during it? Come on! Very disappointed so far...

Oh, sorry, it's over now. I got caught up in the chat on Fox's website. It was fun. They started asking all the candidates questions because we were over there complaining on realtime chat. Thanks, Fox.

Wow, conservative South Carolinians are now in love with Cain. He may be emerging as the conservative darling. I sure like him, but I like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson more. I cannot stand Santorum for president at all. And Pawlenty, eh, never have been thrilled about him. I realllllly hope that Newt get no traction and has to drop out.

Well, anyway, it's been a while since I last posted. It's been because I have been pretty flustered. For one thing, things happen way too fast nowadays for me to think on it and then post before the next thing is happening, so I just do not post at all. If I'd just post something flippantly, I wouldn't have a problemo and get a daily post to boot. Maybe that's what I should do......

Glad we got Obama daNGIT, I did it too, OSAMA, but my gut tells me we could have gotten him for awhile now. Judging by how Hillary's been a squawkbox broken record for a year now about how Pakistan is not our friend and Osama is there, well, I'm now wondering if she pushed Obama to give the go ahead now when he might have wanted to wait until October 2012. That's so sad, using our #1 Enemy as a political stunt. That's our prezzy, though.

He knows no bounds sometimes, does he? I mean, lecturing to Paul Ryan and trying to dress him down is one despicable thing, but then to act like we like it and do it again to Trump at the Correspondents Dinner? Oh, they want him to run so bad cuz they think he's a joke and only dilute the GOP strength, so they are taunting him on. And you know what? It's a pretty good strategy. We are so headed for Obama 2.0 if they fall for it. What would cure it? One awesome debate between Ron Paul and Obama might. Oh, man, the thought of that gives me goose bumps. Yeah, Ridiculer-in-Chief, try that on Ron. Go ahead. Hehehehe.

Well, that's all the flippancy in me tonight. Gotta go now. But I'll try to *flip-out* on something for manana.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!