Thursday, February 21, 2008

A little art therapy...

Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and condolences. We're a little subdued here at Casa Miquel, but I'm just letting Hubs space out and chill. He says it's only bad when someone calls him and he has to think about it. Tonite's the vigil and rosary, so I imagine today is going to be more anxious for him.

I've been doing fine, but I'll probably be nervous today and tomorrow, too. I never know how a funeral is going to cause me to react, and .

I made one of those mosaics of my twisted valentine atc's, but I can't figure out where to get the code to show it here, I can only see the code to link to it there, here it is:

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I'm sure I overlooked it. My mind has not been at its sharpest or most inquisitive this week. Oh well. I saw a psa on tv last night advocating pausing, taking longer to think. "If you give yourself a minute to think, you'll make a better decision...". Whoa. I must not be the only one struggling to keep up the pace...

I didn't feel like blogging yesterday, but I confess I only felt a wee bit guilty about it. I've been making a few things that were on my deadline list. This is an atc I made for a 1-on-1 trade with a little old lady in one of my yahoo swap groups. She had the neatest birthday party recently and everyone there had to make her an atc or piece of art. This wasn't just a ladies group. It was couples, men and women...children, too. She said she got the most fabulous art and it was better than diamonds. Anyway, she also made up some atc's that honor her birthday (I'm not allowed to divulge her exact age, but it was a milestone) and asked me to trade with her.

So I needed to make an atc that honored my birthday. I had the (SPL)urge to use my new Sizzix chandelier die, so I put that on there. She specified anything but vintage, so I figured bright and modern would be good. And the chandelier is on there to signify taking a splurge, an extravagance this year. I don't know why, but it really tickles me I'm turning 13. Won't be long now.... I've also been workin' with a bit o' the blarney, too. Since I'm a Pisces, I love blues, greens and purples. So, right now I'm digging that green. Haven't finished anything yet, but it definitely includes stamps and ink. I think I spent too much time lurking at the Splitcoast Stamper forum.

Went cyber-shopping too. Here are my new shoes, Adidas:
and, Privos:
. The fur feels awesome!


csimmers said...

I love the Twisted Valentine ATCs. They're great!!! I tried to pick a fave and couldn't. I also love the new shoes, particularly the pink with fur.

Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Cute ATC! I like your pile of goodies, can't wait to see what you are going to come up with.

I hope tonight goes as well as it can under the circumstances.

Gabrielle said...

Good luck today!

Cute new shoes! :)

Heather said...

Cute ATC. LOVE, LOVE the green ink pad. Did I mention I LOVE it!? Green is my fave color! And I'm diggin' the shoes. I've got fur lined crocs that I live in all winter IN the house! I guess you have no use for something such as that in TX! So you need the thong! Good for you Aimes!

Lynn said...

I will be thinking and praying for you and dh's family tonight. I know how difficult a time it is right now.

Love the card! The chandalier is wonderful.

I just love the green stamp ink pad also. Great color. Can't wait to see what you create using it.

The fur lined sandals look very comfy! Are they comfortable???? I have a hard time with sandals due to the RA. Oh well... I hope you have a good weekend. Thinking of you all.

Theresa said...

Said a prayer for your family.

Chuckling over the shoes, fur lined sandels, too funny.

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Hope you're hanging in there Aimes. You've been in my thoughts and prayers.

I loved that ATC sideshow. You are doing such an amazing job with your ATC's! They totally rock. !

Ooooh! You're quite the Diva! I've never seen fur-lined sandals before. They look so plush and comfy. Do they have diamonds on the soles? ;)

Hope you're all geared up for your 13th on Friday. I'm buying a cupcake in your honor :).

Superscrapifragilisticspalidocious said...

I love your ATCs!! Creepy but cool. I love the shoes. You'll have to share where you got them and let me know...does the fur smell after a while? LOL

I am sorry to hear of your loss. I am too emotionally drained to say more than that. But I am sure you are too. {hugs}

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Saying a prayer for you and your family... love the ATC and girl where is a link to those shoes!!!

Kacy said...

I'm loving those fleece lined flip flops. I wish it were warm enough here to wear them. I swear Winter will never end.