Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day

I know that in yesterday's post I referenced a "final" Valentine card, but I apparently lied. I'd forgotten about these 3 ATC's I'd made for a Twisted Valentine swap and then pulled out of because I was being too slow-pokey-creative, and then I got sick. Still sick, by the way...

Then the rub-ons I'm using began acting weird, like they were too dry and cold at the same time. This is a major bummer to me, since I have 3 books of these rub-ons, by CI and Marah Johnson. I finally concluded that I'm going to have to try to seal the rub-ons on these ATC's with a very thin brushed on coat of Diamond Glaze and just hope they don't pucker any more.

You can see in the photo what I'm talking about on the Eternity heart and the baseball cap. The girl skull went on perfectly and is fine.

What do ya'll think of these? They are tons of fun to make and stretched my comfort perimeter, but I have no idea if anyone else likes them. I'm of the generation that cannot bare to mix red and pink, okay? So, these definitely were a stretch for me.

If you like any of them, tell me which one you like best. I'm trying to get a feel for people's tastes, and if you don't care for this style, that's okay to say, too. I think this would be Goth or Gothic, but a bit on the cutesy side? Any advice is welcome, LOL.

So,m anyway, startin' Day 4 with this illness of mine. Today, nausea took center stage. I felt really queasy several times, and at the weirdest times. The throat crust and runny nose gave way to that. I would call this stuff Morphing Flu because the symptoms morph into something else every day. I seriously don't like being nauseated. Hoping for the morph to a new symptom today, LOL.

Hope every one has an enjoyable Love Day!


Lida said...

Ohh I loove them, those are my kind of cards love the goth even if I´m no where near emo or goth love skulls and goth images, so those are perfect for me, and I have that set of the pink skull girl, I want to get her tattoed it is so rockin.

Hope you feel better from your morphing flu and thank you so much for thinking of me because of the earthquake, honestly I don´t even know where it was, and since I avoid the news well I´ll check the paper, thank you so much for your kind comments and have a great Valentines Day!!!

Noelia said...

Love your ATC's!
Have a Happy Love Day too and hope you feel better soon.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Great ATC's! I hate when rub ons go bad! :)

Linda said...

Love the ATC's! I have some of that paper...not that it should surprise anyone. I really need to use some of it too.

Kacy said...

Great job with the ATCs.