Thursday, February 07, 2008

Post #2 for Today (please don't die of shock...)

So, I'm back now from going to tell the others they've been tagged. You won't want to miss my first post, LOL, it's the tag quiz I took and then I tagged four more gals.

Okay, that's done. Here's another card I did for yet another sis-in-law:

I had lots of little scraps left over from making Kim's card, but I didn't want to make the same card so I varied it a bit. Plus, I have this thing, this procedure, for making my cards. I make half-sheet cards for my family, and quarter-sheet (A2) cards for everyone else and for notecards. (I would much rather make A2 sized for everyone, but I got my family spoiled on the bigger cards and can't change it now.)

So, being that this is a family card, I needed to make it larger. Luckily, the recipient won't know that Bella stamps are made pretty much for the A2 size cards. I do like how it turned out though. Gotta love the ancient scrapbooking paper lines. I'm pretty sure this one by Urban Lily is at least 3 years old, if not more.

I have 2 bro-in-law cards coming up to make next week. The fun never truly ends around Casa Miguel, ya know? {meow, LOL}

Next topic: Miss KimKT wins my thanks, via her comment she left about Wednesday's political post, for reminding me that I should probably explain why I can consider JFK to be barely above scum for his womanizing, yet I support for President the wife of another womanizer often held in esteem that hovers equally close to said scum.

Yes, it's a complicated thing, my beliefs. Yet, oh so simple. As much as I think Bill Clinton was stupider than scum, and as much as I've lately been wishing she would have divorced his ass back in the day, the plain and simple answer is that I don't blame or punish Hillary for any of that. And conversely, JFK doesn't get a pass for his vile behaviors just because Bill had his schwang sucked off in the Oval Office.

See, I support Hillary even though I know full well she may not make it to the finish line. She's already had to start loaning her campaign money. The end may well be near unless more donations roll in. I sent her $50 Tuesday night, a paltry sum indeed, but it was all Hubs would agree to, with more later if she lasts and if I clear it after tax season.

With me, it's about what I feel is the right thing to do. Maybe it's my age. I'm going to vote for her, even if the primary is the first and last time I can do that. With me, it involves making a promise to an 8-yr old girl who received a signed letter from First Lady Hillary Clinton and a signed letter from Gov. Ann Richards, both in the same week. The girl was and still is my Missy. She was interested back then in being President and wrote a series of essays that received some attention. It was then that I promised the support I give today.

Yeah, I know the Far Right Limbaugh-heads think she is the devil reincarnated, but I think the same thing about Karl Rove and totally believe I'm right, so they must think they are, too. I just know that this woman, for all her faults, endured what can only be considered the most henous episode of Jerry Springer ever created, to a world-wide audience, where she went from being the loyal little trooper on the Today Show, defending Bill, to utter humiliation, anger, rage, betrayal, hurt, embarrasment, you name it. Again, all played out like it was Desperate Housewives on our televisions.

And yet she did not file for divorce. She did not shrink from the Earth's surface. In a sort of even-more humiliating irony, she actually did become like Tammy Wynette Standing By Her Man (reference to the 60 Minutes interview in 1992). She picked herself up and started a new chapter to her life that revolved around what she wanted to achieve, finally, after all those years of supporting Bill and being overshadowed by him.

Tuesday night, the exit polling showed that Democrats, whether they voted for her or not, clearly and overwhelmingly believe they see her as Commander in Chief more than Obama, and I think it's because of the same traits and the same character that got her through all of that which did not kill her so it made her stronger, tougher.

So, after all she has been through, I am just not going to make her pay by abandoning her just because it might be a tougher fight in the general campaign with her as the nominee. That's just not honorable or right. (And, that's if we believe the Republican talking heads, which I don' my mind, Obama makes the much easier target to defeat, since his victory depends on almost 100% of the black vote, that same black vote that Rove & Co love to disenfranchise so covertly and effectively during elections. And hey, if there was a black baby in John McCain's past, can a white love child be in Obama's future? Only Karl knows, but I'm willing to bet that he would never be truthful about who the easier candidate to beat would be. Wouldn't be prudent. So when he or his little surrogates say they would love their opponent to be Hillary, I don't believe them for one minute.)

I realize that going with her is the tougher road to hoe to the nomination, because of the perception that the media has made it impossible not to wonder about. Frankly, I consider supporting Obama to be taking the easier route. I mean, here's ya some Change, some real and detailed Change if you're up to it: someone needs to take Karl Rove out, once and for all, or Obama's rhetoric about a more civil politic will never ever ever ever happen.

And, who better, who more qualified, who more eager, who more due, than Hillary to do that, in perhaps the most epochal struggle of our time. It's dirty work indeed, but to think we can just send in Obama to stand up to Rove and.... and do what exactly? ... well, that's just either really naiive or really not thought through.

In my opinion. And I told you my beliefs were complicated. Hey, I often wish I could just take that easier path, write Hillary off and join the Cool Kids Coalition. It's not like I haven't been swayed by a smooth talker before, because I have. And it's not like I haven't voted for a black man before, because I have. Both in the same candidate: 1988 Texas Primary, Jesse Jackson. I'm still proud of that vote. He was the only one making any sense! But he wouldn't have made that great a President, I realized that later.

We are fixing to hit some bad times, my friends, and I want a President in there who is half Margaret Thatcher, half Tracy Flick, battle-scarred and battle-tested. The Vice President can make speeches and teach us about the urgency of now, while he gets him some battle scars of his own to campaign with next time around.

Tomorrow starts my kick-off countdown to Valentine's Day, where I will try to have some kind of heart-y crafty eye candy to show every day. Maybe every day. Try to every day...


jill said...

Well said Aimeslee!!

I love to read about things people feel strongly about. A passion of sorts :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Hi, I have nothing against womanizing. Women are gorgeous and tempting. ANd some men are stronger and then others. That doesn't mean they are not good leaders because they have that flaw and who would I be to judge them anyway. Really who are we to judge them? Thank you for putting me on your friends list.

csimmers said...

Aimes, I love your philosophy and I so get it. And I agree with much of it. I have similar talks with my very conservative Republican-est tech students and get so frustrated because they will not see the other side. I think the country is in for a lot of change and needs a strong person in charge ... someone who has already taken the lumps and proven they can bounce back. So, I too support Hillary. And, in my school, that is a minority. Oh well!!

Barbara said...

Hi Aimeslee,
Loved your post about the Clinton's laughed my butt off! I won't be voting for her, but it isn't because she's a woman (I'd vote for Dr. Condi Rice in a heartbeat) - but as I appreciate loyalty, how can I vote for someone to stand up to Iran/Korea et al - if she can't stand up to her husband? JMO

JerseyTjej said...

Here here for the political opinion! Ironically, I add the (not so right reverend) MLking to that list of womanizers. After reading several bios of people that worked with him ( RD Abernathy for one) his credit has been somewhat diminished as a man or honor when he was a known cheat and womanizer.

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Like I said last time - I respect and admire you for putting your opinions out there. You make some good arguments.

Here's a headline I'd like to see:

Vote Aimeslee 2012!


Heather said...

Wow Aimes! I know not to chew gum while reading your blog now! I almost chocked on the "shwang" part! And a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
Did you see Hillary on Dave Letterman the other night? I didn't get to watch the whole interview but she was good. So much different than when you see her in all the political stuff. More real. I like to see the candidates like that.

Kim said...

Very eloquent reply today, I was very interested in what you had to say. I respect your opinions and find your reasons for supporting Hillary valid. I stand behind Obama not as a "cool kid" but as someone who simply doesn't trust either one of the Clintons. And I voted for Bill in 1992, back when I didn't inhale either!