Saturday, February 02, 2008

Another Week to Forget...

Thank God for today. This has been the first time since I last posted (on Sunday, eegads, no wonder I felt something was missing all week), that I feel like I can shake all the crap off my fallen angel wings and move forward!

But while the crappy things were still happening, Hubs and I got sick. So yesterday I missed being able to give a shout out to my girlfriend Kim, who turned the big 4-0. But I will shout it now!


There's the card I made for you. Finally got it mailed Thursday, so it probably did not get there on time. I am just a big fat loser all the way around, but oh well, hell. Thought that counts, right? Hope! LOL

I also wanted to share this video with Kim and all of my girlfriend readers. It's hilarious! Let us hope that none of us are getting Valentines (or any freakin card) made this way!

Okay, then!

On to or back to my Forgettable Week... In addition to daily radiation trips, which we did not cancel once, my F-I-L somehow falls in the bathroom between the commode and the tub. And bangs up his rib. But he throws a fit about going to the emergency room, so it isn't looked at for like 3 days.

(I dunno, I'm not a medical person, but if you are going to get radiation every day, could they not shoot a little x-ray of your rib while they are doing their thing? Apparently not. And, to be fair, if the patient is ornery about it, probably not.)

Finally on the 3rd day, my M-I-L loses it (like she should be doing all the time, LOL), and becomes assertive and insists it get looked at. She still needs to improve her timing though; this happened at 8 at night, so nobody but me, once again, could help out. We get him there and he has a fractured rib. What can you do? They taped it up and sent us home, after taking that x-ray.

Then, the next day they call the house and say there's something on the x-ray, looks like pneumonia! So, I take M-I-L to pick up all the scripts he's been written for that. And he starts that protocol, being told that if he doesn't quickly improve, it'll be a hospital stay. The best thing is he becomes a model patient, as the hospital is his idea of Hell.

Well, anyway, the day after that, some sheepish nurse at his doc's office calls to say, quit taking the antibiotics, he doesn't have pneumonia, that spot was his cancer.

Oy, oy, oy. Now, at that exact moment, I had all the proof I needed to feel fine with universal care, because if there's all this idiocy in the capitalist medicine world, any change would be a step up. Because, check out this sick syncopation: my mom calls and finally got word on her x-ray. No suspicious spot. It was just her hianal hernia.

OH MY GOD. What the hell? That was in two different states, too. Yep, better to just try to forget and go on with life. My mom is on Cloud Nine (and I am beginning to realize just how depressed she must be with all her chronic illnesses, like I get from time to time, because she is not usually this chipper and optimistic lately). My F-I-L is recouping nicely and quickly and my M-I-L is finally getting some relief.

But none of that good stuff happened until Friday (yesterday). And on top of those 2 story lines, the phone rang Monday morning and I couldn't hear or talk because of a lot of static and sounds of dial tones and such. So, after the person calling me tried to call 6 more times, I finally got them to answer their phone when I called them on my cell. Got that settled, then I called Verizon to report it. Well, for 2 days I dealt with a robot voice, albeit a very sophisticated and smart one. I was impressed. Except that to them the problem appeared to be resolved but it wasn't.

Finally late Tuesday I figured out how to talk to a live person and a repair guy was sent out Wednesday. Turns out our lines were crossed with someone else's. Took him half a day to get it working, but I'm glad he kept at it. We have all new cable and a new box on the pole. This is always a good thing. The worst part was probably M-I-L calling 45 times and having to re-route her to call the cell and her forgetting half the time, but hey, we got through it.

And in the midst of all that, Missy arrives for a day-visit. She had a dentist appointment here to get a couple of cavities filled. Good thing she did, as much as she wimps out at pain, one of them was just on the verge of infection due to our prior dentist closing the filling up wrong and leaving it open to bacteria! Missy was super close to having to have a root canal, but our dentist fixed it (he's very good). She had it pretty rough for a while, but after I finally found some mushy food she would eat, she felt better, as she'd barely eaten all week!

Anyway, she shows up without my memory card, darn. She got flustered, running late, and forgot it. (I gave her a CD mailer to just mail it to me, hopefully she will not forget that.) We teased her pretty good about not being allowed to come back again for a visit, because every time she comes home, something around here breaks and needs repair (last time she came home, the front bath commode was busted and the plummer had to come).

Oh, and she came home sick, so of course Hubs and I got it too.

Anyway, this morning I awoke fresh and with a little energy that I want to bottle so I can save some of it, LOL. Hubs has been on graveyards and is still asleep, so I'm hopeful he is feeling better, too. Since he only has one more night to work on his shift, and tomorrow is the Super Bowl, I'm thinking odds are good that he will be in a better mood at least.

Well, that's it. I did want to thank both Sarah C. and Linda for awarding me Excellent Blogger this week. I'm so proud of it that I have put it on my sidebar. Sort of like putting it on the mantel in my family room if this weren't cyberspace, LOL.

I'm supposed to pass it on and I will, but I'll do that tomorrow. I have tons of blog posts to catch up on at the blogs I usually read first. And I want to think it through a bit, too. Not, definitely not from a standpoint of who deserves it, though. Because every blog I read deserves it. There is no way I could decide on that basis. It'll be more like who needs the lift most, who hasn't been awarded yet, etc. Spread the love kinda thing. Let's be honest, it's acool thing to be told you are an excellent blogger. A little thing, but one mental/emotional lift that can help us keep going. Lord knows, I needed it this wunnerful week. LOL

Remind me in tomorrow's post to also talk about the groups I'm in for 2008. And I have more creations to show...


Linda said...

Great looking card, I love that Bella stamp. That is crazy about both mistakes, at least they caught them but wow. Feel better soon!

Kim Langston said...

Thank you sweetie... I did get my lovely card. It brought a smile to my old face!! Thanks for the card and the good thoughts on the job!

Kim said...

Your blog posts, even though this is a difficult time for you, make me smile. You have a way of telling stories, my dear. :-)

Noelia said...

Your card is lovely! And that video is so funny. The first time I came across it, I was LOL at the "nuts" for you part.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

that video was hilarious! Hope your feeling better? I think I got the same thing...