Monday, October 01, 2007

Variety is the Spice of Life

and Change is Inevitable. So they say.

Suits me to a T. You are at the blog of someone who has to rearrange something on a monthly basis at the bare minimum, or claustrophobia sets in.

I got tired of having 2 separate but equal blogs, and even more tired of 'where did I post last', 'where do I post now', 'am I posting in the correct blog', etc. So, I made a new blog. I simplified. That's all the rage right now, right?

I not only simplified, I got it right this time. You know the little name in the URL (link, address) between the www dot and the blogspot? Now, it's aimeslee. Me. Not "artsy amateur" or whatever. Just my name and I like that.

http colon slash slash www dot aimeslee dot blogspot dot com

I also changed the design and made the background white. Something to do with purging and starting fresh. Blame it on a coastal Texas Fall beginning to play peek-a-boo. Both Spring and Fall down here always make me feel like cleaning and purging. Not that I always do it, but I feel it in a meaningful way.

As far as my other 2 blogs, I'll be slowly adding all my precious links from them to here, and the current plan is to leave them up, but only gawd knows for how long, so if you have a link to me on your blog or your website or wherever, please change it to this one now. I'll be bugging you a lot, so no need to hyperventilate (like any of you would, hehe) just yet.

And remember, Change is good. Change is our friend. And enough change can get you a dollar.

Talkin' the TV Trash

I got some TV shows watched Sunday and Monday nights: Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters on Sunday, Heroes and Journeyman on Monday. I was on the fence about DH, but now I'm in for the season.

And apparently, I missed 30 seconds of Journeyman somewhere (I must have been time traveling myself), because Wifey knows all about his deep, dark secret, and it seems he's tried to tell Bro and Boss even though they are both making sarcastic and skeptical remarks like they don't believe him and think he's nuts. If anyone can set me straight on this, please feel free, cuz I'm really liking it. Anyone?

DH had a scene that really stuck with me. It's the one where the Ladies were at the bbq and have just discovered that Lynette has cancer. They're all sitting around and make The Pact not to hide secrets from each other anymore but Lynette's the only one who's being honest? Yeah. Dang, it's already Season 4 and the show's still got it.

My favorite scene from Brothers & Sisters was the laundry room scene between Sarah and Joe. I think they've done some kind of makeover on Joe. I'm finding him pretty hot and that never occurred to me at all last season. In fact, I thought he was kind of a wuss. Who knew?

Heroes was wunnerful as always. My favorite scenes are always those that deal with the storylines involving Hiro, as well as those involving Claire. Ya should have seen me at the end of the last scene Monday night, yelling at the TV, 'Look up, Claire, look up! Look at your dog, he sees!' Hubs was walking by and wanted to know what all the noise was about. I replied, 'This show is too damn short!' He got a good chuckle.

I thought the scene in Journeyman where he was back with himself and the gang, and managed to steal his own cell phone with the charger, was pretty cool. When he's hiding behind the beaded curtain, and listening to his old girlfriend and current wife talk about him? Pretty cool.

Tomorrow night, if I'm correct, is Boston Legal and Damages (I'll watch the repeat at 10 p.m. to avoid having to tape). Then, Wednesday is Dirty Sexy Money (I caught the first episode online and loved it) and the premiere of Pushing Daisies. I really need to go right now and confirm this, and set my shows up on my Google Calendar so I don't forget.

Later, chickz!


Gina said...

I am here to celebrate the new and refreshingly white blog! I lied...I came here first before I changed your to do pennance ;-)

csimmers said...

Hi there!
Love the new blog. Hope all is well! Hugs!

grandmascraps said...

I found you.. Change is good! I like to rearrange things too, but it always drives my DH crazy. He keeps looking for things where they were three houses ago! LOL I will be changing my link to this new blog. Gail

SarahB said...

Congrats on your new blog!

I'm not at all caught up on recorded new shows, but did see the 1st Journeyman--the wife believes him now because he buried her ring that I think he took to get repaired or for a new stone and buried it in the backyard of their house, under a patio he'd build years before.

Maria said...

Hey Aimes,

You're just like me. . .I do a lot of changing. It's my schizophrenic way of dealing with life.

I watched the episode of Brothers & Sisters. The ending was so predictable . . .I knew what was going to happen before it happened. I like the show but they can be a bit "emotional" and filled with "drama". I can't see that much drama in one family - if I was part of the family, I would be a basketcase.

I also saw the episode of DH. Yeah, the ending was interesting with the "secrets" that everyone had. I think it's a good portrayal of how friends tend to have secrets about themselves. My friends surprise me a lot when I find out about all the secrets they've been keeping.

Anyway, I'll change my blog roll to reflect this new blog.