Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Still on the Line, Still Doin' Fine
So, anyway, I found a You Tube video of Glen Campbell performing "Witchita Lineman" on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour back in 1967 or so, and I proudly offer it for your enjoyment. Think back to a more innocent and simpler time with less expectation, and you'll be fine. I love to listen to it.

I was watching Nightline last night and Annie Lennox was on there talking about her playlist (a segment where they asked famous musicians what's on their playlist of all time). Interesting choices, I thought. Aretha of course, the Beatles, Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell. All so worthy. The songs of theirs that she chose I thought to be a bit different (her Beatles tune for instance was "I am the Walrus", not ever on my list.).

But she floored me with her choice of Glen Campbell for "Wichita Lineman". O My God. Could she have been any closer to my memories of growing up than if she lived with us? You see, my parents and I are all Arkansas-born as is Glen, so when he hit the scene as a main act (having spent many years pickin' for recording greats prior to his big solo break) with that song and with "By the Time I Get to Phoenix", well, let's just say he made a huge stir. He was such a presence and a great guitar player and such a smooth voice. And polite and cute.

Uh, this was the mid-60's, people. Didn't take much for an image back then.

Anyway, Annie starts singing it a capella and gorgeously, so I had to google it myself. My mom had a crush on Glen like nobody's biz, although not one as intense as her crush on Elvis back when he first came out in the 50's (she was not a fan of the bloated and sequined Elvis). Frankly, I think she a crush on the pelvis, but I'll never know cuz she's not confessing.

Anyway, Glen's album and that song played on our stereo for hours each day. I knew "Lineman" like the back of my hand. And I took a liking to him, too, especially since we got to see him so much on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (one of my passions).

But, as all things go, the dark ugliness of ravaging time needs an ear, too. Sad to say, this next video is Glen many moons and many more fifths of whiskey later, with the Stone Temple Pilots. He manages to pull it off, but it ain't quite the same, is it?

And that brings me to how the Different Drummer (that's moi) can beat her own beat and support the Music (that's you out there who are my online friends who do choose to pursue publication and design team spots).

I'm very proud and happy for my friends when they achieve accomplishments of that sort. Rachael blogged this week about seeing her layout in Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine, and I'm thoroughly thrilled for her, posted as much on her blog. Kim has been selected for the Memory Purses team for the holidays (and why not permanently, is what I think, frankly). I also posted congrats. Noelia had her art cards lifted for the Member Inspiration at 2peas by a Garden Girl! How awesome! And I left her some praise, too.

Just wanted to put that out there, to avoid any misunderstanding. What I wrote yesterday was about me only, and why I can't march to that beat. Your mileage may vary, though, and viva la difference!

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Mackey said...

Oh wow! You took me on a stroll down memory lane with that one!!

Growing up in Arkansas, too, Glen Campbell was a staple on our stereo - you know the really, really big one that played the 12" vinyls - LOL!

I loved Glen Campbell. One the first records that I ever bought for myself was "Where's the Playground Suzie?"

On Saturday's, much like the one we are experiencing today on my mountain, my parents would put on several albums by Glen, Bobbie Gentry, Johnny Cash, etc. and we would do the chores around the house, "do our hair" for church on Sunday and then bar-b-que for supper that night. It was tradition.

Thanks for the memories. I really needed this bit of nostalgia today!