Monday, October 29, 2007

Comcast kidnapped me

OMGosh, I hate our new cable and internet provider, Comcast. Time Warner skipped town during the summer and Comcast took their place. At first they were fine. But either my cable TV or my cable internet or both has been down 5 times in the last 3 weeks, and this last time it went down Saturday night and did not come back on until this afternoon.

Boy, I was livid at first, then just disgruntled, then in serious withdrawal, LOL. But, I guess I should thank them, although I don't want to. I decided to go ahead and move my computer and all the peripherals to my office. The weather was cool outside so the attic would be bearable. I asked Hubs to get up there and move my cable connection, and shock, he didn't even protest. (I've only been giving him advanced warning for like 6 months that this was coming).

Then, the hard part: move all that electrical crap and a desk and a chifferobe. Well, why not, it's not gonna move itself. Thank goodness I remembered to snap my connects on the back of the tower first (do you do that? I always do, in case I get confused putting it all back together.)

So, I worked all day Sunday on it and part of today. I had Missy's room to put stuff in (our house is so jam-packed -- ahem, cluttered, I guess -- so it's hard to move stuff around), and now there's a lot of stuff in her room. Stuff I'll have to find another place for or put back in its place, because I was also cleaning out the collected crapola that seems to accumulate.

It would have been a pretty quick job had I not had to clean, too. Missy's room was horrid, just awful. It's dusted and vaccuumed in there now. I couldn't bare to put my stuff in there on top of all that dust! LOL And then the ceiling fans in 4 rooms needed cleaning (I have to wet-clean because of my allergies). And on and on.

Finally, I got it all set back up. but not before having to slather my back in Blue analgesic stuff because it froze up on me. No wonder: my pedometer said I walked twice the steps on Sunday that I usually walk, and ditto for today, too. That's 3 miles per day of rearranging! LOL

But, it was all worth it in the end, because now my family room is on its way to being presentable for the holidays, and my office is no longer missing a computer. Trust me, I've got about another month of clean-up-and-put-away-and-gettin-just-right, because I am not killing myself to get it all done as quickly as the last 48 hours. I'll do some of it every day. But, I'm in sight of the finishl ine and it feels gooooood.

Plus, I actually followed my plan and in a timely manner, too. {Gasp!} I honestly can't remember the last time that happened. Seriously.


Linda said...

I'm not a big fan of Comcast either too many troubles with our digital cable and the modem. Glad you got a lot accomplished, that always feels good.

Jill said...

Wow you've been busy!

OMGsh the idea of taking a photo of the connects on the tower is awesome! Why didn't I think of that!?! Thanks Aimeslee!

TIna said...

Looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished in your "time off" :)

Lynn said...

Good golly! Sounds like you and I were on a mission this weekend. I was cleaning all day Sunday!
Your office looks terrific. Thats funny that you take pictures of your stuff before disasembling it. I do also.
Now you need to take it slow and easy so you don't have a major flair up. This is the time for those. Believe me I know.
Hope you have a terrific day.

mendytexas said...

Comcast took over here too...made some big changes! I miss my old Time Warner! LOVE the pics of your office! Have a great Halloween! :)mendy

Dana said...

Office looks superb and I hate Comcast too!

csimmers said...

Hi Aimeslee! I love your office setup. I know I love getting back organized and set up the way I like things, so I'm sure you're right on track for the holidays. Glad to hear the good news from the rheumatologist in a previous post.

Katy said...

Dearest Aimeslee,

I hate to tell you this, but Time Warner doesn't really care, either. We have TW here in the sticks of NY, and I can tell you that the only really good thing is that they can truly make my day super quiet. Especially because our phone is through TW, and it just doesn't always work. Yeah, it's a pleasure to be in mid conversation, and have to make calls on the cell because you have to reboot your entire system to get your telephone system up and running again.'s GOOD to see you.

Heather said...

You've been one busy girl! Comcast isn't too smart! I don't think Texas is the place to pull that sort of stuff!

Rachael said...

I don't mind Comcast cable and internet, we have never had a problem! They are a RIP OFF though!! Outrageously priced!! We just switched everything over to them, and now have Digital Voice, I do not like that at all!! UGH!!

Can't have it all I guess, huh?