Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Anyone up for this?

Sorry. I didn't really mean anything by that. Just liked it as a title, hehe.

I've been in the Bat Cave since last I posted, doing accounting work and hating every minute of it. Whoa is me (sniff sniff).

And on my breaks, I began creating in my new journal. I'm doing the pages outside of the journal, then tacking them down into an old discarded cheap spiral-bound notebook of Missy's. I thought I'd try to use papers, etc., from my scraps stash on every page if possible. Then, I thought I could also try to use junk mail, too. What would that make it, journal trash? Since I'm more of a writer than an artist (like 60/40 maybe), I'm also using it as a free-writing practice vehicle. Just something to mess around expectations of beauty or workanship. At. All.

And may I say that so far it shows, LOL. Yeah. I don't want to spend forever on each page. I just want to "get them out of me" and be done, and leave them until such time if and when I might want to go back and pretty them up more. The journal is primarily for free-writing, illustrated free-writing...which is why I decided to title the thing Essays in the Language of Art. That doesn't really describe it accurately, but that came to me and I liked it.

So I don't know if it's correct to call it an art journal. It's more like an illustrated diary, but not really even that. No set theme. No set topics, anything goes. Could end up being a journal about nothing at all. Move over, Seinfeld. Yeah, I wish.

One of my nephews has a birthday in 5 days, so I need to get my arss in gear and make him a card to go with his $20 bill. Nothing's percolating upstairs, though. I just wanna make journal pages, LOL. I feel displaced, like I misplaced my creativity with cards. It's my boy-card phobia, I know. So tough for me. And not a good time for it, either, as I have 3 nephews with birthdays in the next 30 days. Eegads, that's kinda scarey. Every card has to be unique, too, cuz 2 of them are related and all 3 are different ages. I would love to reach the day where I spend a weekend making all my relative's cards for the year! I've tried before. It doesn't happen. It's a combination of my Type-A deadline-driven motivation and my lack of speed in all things creative.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day I read on my friend Vicki's blog about Blog Action Day on October 15th. If you click on the banner blinkie, it takes you to their website where you can read all the details. I am definitely doing this! My idea is to do a journal page about giving junk mail a real and higher purpose by making art with it. Please think about participating and if you do, don't forget to register your blog at their website and embed one of the banner blinkies on your blog.

Just great.
I've been like this lately towards everything. Bleh. Watching myself gettin' behind on stuff and not really caring. One of those rare times I wish I still had my uterus and ovaries, so I'd have PMS to blame, ya know? hehe Well, not really. Histerectomy = Good Thing. On so many levels.

Well, guess I need to post a bit about my health regimin. What a segueway, LOL.

reg·i·men /ˈrɛdʒəmən, -ˌmɛn, ˈrɛʒ-/
Spelled Pronunciation[rej-uh-muhn, -men, rezh-]

–noun 1. Medicine/Medical. a regulated course, as of diet,
exercise, or manner of living, intended to preserve or restore health or to
attain some result.

Things are good, under control. Another "save" in my book of yo-yo's. I suppose I should confess: things appeared to go South the day I drove to pick Missy up from college, which was this past Friday. She'd emailed me saying she wanted to pig out at Luby's Cafeteria, except our local one is not that great. Not bad, just not great. So, just as soon as we got on the freeway to go home, the first exit, there's a Cracker Barrel, and so we exited and ate there.

Now, I was a reasonably good girl. I ordered badly (fried catfish plate with mashed potatoes and greens, and raspberry lemonade - actually I ordered the tea but Missy wanted to switch and as Moms are want to do I took her drink). So I drank stupid useless sugar and ate all my catfish and most of my greens, but truly only a few bites of the potatoes. And then when Missy wanted the apple dumpling a la mode for dessert, I insisted on the sugar-free ice cream and I only took one bite of the dumpling and like 5 spoonfuls of the ice cream. And I was very full. So full that by the time we arrived back home, I was ready for a nap. Bottom line on Cracker Barrel: it could have been much, much worse.

I awoke from my nap to Hubs coming home from work, and guess what he brought with him? Half of the stromboli he'd ordered for lunch from this awesome Italian place that is catering their special project. (Yes, when they work a special project, Hubs and his coworkers get all meals catered. Such is Life in the discombobulated world of mega corporatism, sigh. Not complaining much, though, as we cook much less and I usually don't have to wait til he gets home to eat dinner cuz he's already eaten.) Anyway, I'd never had real stromboli, so of course I had a slice, then another. I displyed super-human effort to keep from slicing a third one, lemmetellya. M-M-M-M-Good, man. And I have no idea what was in it except a massive amount of mozzarella and some kind of boiled meat and wonderfully delish marinara.

Okay, by Friday night, my shame having caught up with me, I walked an extra large number of my step-laps and somehow managed to not eat another morsel. This was hard, as by now my stomach was stretched and I was continually hungry.

Saturday started off well, back on the program. Missy went off on her scheduled bridal party shopping trip with the bride, and life returned to normal. I was flirting with fasting for the day (other than my required yogurt and fruit quota), so when Missy returned with a doggy bag box and announced they'd gone to Olive Garden and here were her leftovers just for me, I was primed for temptation (having eaten next to nothing). Ah, the delectable taste of Spaghetti and Meatballs with a breadstick. I slurp-inhaled every molecule. I doubt my dogs could have cleaned the plate as well.

I kind of forget what else was eaten after that. I doubt it was anything else bad. Probably a tv dinner from my Healthy Choice collection. Missy came in and announced that her boyfriend Jonathan and roommate Anj were driving down to pick her up tonight instead of me driving her back to school on Sunday. At this point, all I was thinking about was how great this was: I didn't have to drive for two hours and my life could go back to normal. So, kiss-kiss and be safe and great to see ya. It's so weird how quickly Hubs and I got used to her no longer being at home, so much so that we prefer it. We're in that period where she prefers being at school and we prefer her being at school, and there's no resentment or hurt feelings. But still a bit awkward. We all agreed she won't be home til Thanksgiving, and that's so refreshing and relaxing. Here I was thinking I wouldn't be able to live without her and look how quickly that changed. I'd feel guilty, but I'm too busy enjoying not having to deal with a 3rd person at home.

So, Sunday I got back on track for good and made sure my steps number was high. When I finally weighed on Monday, I was only a half-pound above my last weigh-in. So, all I can think of was that I'd lost weight between the weigh-in last week and Friday, that I didn't know about, and that's why there was only a half-pound increase. Which I've now lost as of today, Wednesday. Back to the same weight in a week. See how lucky I was?

Blogger Challenge Catch-Up
I need to get current with these and no time like the present. Here's are the questions I've missed (this catches me up until Friday, because Thursdays was posted tonight):
When doing a layout, do you chose to mat or not mat your photos? It depends, frankly. More often than not, though, I do prefer the look of matted photos. It just adds a nice dimension and helps the eye to focus on the photos.
When you are stuck and need some inspiration. where do you turn? For cards, I like to look both at sketches and at what others have made with the materials I'm using (if possible). I usually start at 2peas' user gallery and do a search of the materials. I like to look at Maria's and Di's card sketches. Many times, though, the circumstances are such that I end up having to come up with a completely original card. Maybe I use a little touch here and there that I've seen. For layouts, I have to browse different galleries, magazines, books, not looking for a specific layout per se, but those little touches again. Often I'll combine a few of them, putting my own spin on them. Occasionally, I will get a mental picture of a complete layout, and on those, if I don't sketch it out first the layout can lack balance, since I'm not trained in graphic design or have that natural "eye". So, in each case, no matter what the piece, I do look at others' creations. I usually stop when I get an idea in my head and the finished piece looks like my own, so I look for inspiration and to get my own juices flowing. If I didn't look first, I suspect it'd be way much harder for me to conceptualize something.
Have you ever made layouts/cards to sell at craft shows? If so how did it go? Never have done the crafts fair thing. I have sold cards on commission, making them to the customer's specifications, and I've also made smaller layouts that were auctioned for good causes. I doubt I'd sell cards any other way, because of the time I put into mine. I've lucked out being able to charge at the high end of the range for them because these were people who contacted me and wanted my work without any price dickering. So even though I guess you'd say I got a good price for them, it honestly wasn't that worth it to me, didn't feel like I got repaid enough. I've thought about selling them on ebay or etsy, but so far I'm still not motivated enough. I'm never saying never, though, not this year.

Well, enough of that for now. I'm also behind in my blog visiting for my inner circle girls, so that's what I'm gonna do now. Til tomorrow, peeps! May your Thusday be as good as it gets!


csimmers said...

I have to tell you, Aimes. You "sound" good. I know that seems like a weird statement for a blog, but I have to tell you the tone of this entry made me say that. I hope you have a great rest of the week and I will be chatting with you soon about my new project. Hugs! Cheryl

Maria said...

Hey Aimes,

I love the idea of a journal but I can't stick to one journal. Before I discovered paper crafting, I'd buy them, write a few entries and move on to the next one. I then go back and read them and I hate what I wrote - they're usually negative so I'll rip them up and start all over.

I've kept a journal of some sort since the age of 10 years old. In my 20s, I decided I needed to purge all my disturbing memories and threw away all my journals. I felt if anybody came across them, they'll see how much of a basketcase I was or am! Ha!

Glad to hear you're back on track. I need to get back on track myself. It's tough after taking a short break.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day!!


Tina said...

I love your journal idea and need to get myself going on one also. I'm going to check out that blog site about the 15th too. Love the junk mail idea - truly such a waste of paper being put to use!

Rachael said...

Your journal is great!!!

Glad you got yourself back on track, that is such a hard thing to do!!!


Noelia said...

Your art journal pages are wonderful! And yes it does fit the description of an ART journal but you can call it what you want :)