Monday, October 22, 2007

The scenery changes....

I Didn't Take this photo but I <3 it!I received this awesome fall photo in a forwarded email. I do not know who took it to credit them, but isn't it gorgeous? Living where I do, I can only dream of having scenery like this...

Thankfully, there are different kinds of scenery. The scenery in my mind, for instance. The scenery of our situations and our outlooks.

Wow, just reflecting on how crappy I felt this weekend at times, and how energized and ready to face a week full of "stuff" I feel at this moment.

Got a full night's sleep last night and woke up at 5 a.m. with Hubs. Might have helped a bit. hehe

I was in a funk and letting outside influences get me down. Also letting my aches and pains and sleeping problems dictate my happiness.

Understandable, yes. Preferable, N-O. Weathering through takes time, but when we trust and hang in there, tiny everyday miracles can change the scenery for the better.

Another way to say it is "when one door closes, another opens". I always try to remember that. Sure enough, I had some door activity in my life, LOL.

I was feeling down, feeling disconnected, anonymous, unimportant. Just because of random life. If you've been a reader here for awhile, you may know that I have a tendency to withdraw sometimes. I felt the urge to, but I remembered all that therapy advice. I chose to reach out, to blog, to post , to make a couple of phone calls and emails to nonline (there's online and there's nonline, hehe) friends, not to even mention my plight but just to interact. Helped me get away from those feelings. And I'm so thankful for those people (who don't even know what the heck I'm talking about, but that's ok).

Then, Missy decides to land from her collegiate whirlwind life and a plethoria of emails arrive in my inbox. She had no idea what I was feeling, yet there she was to the rescue, too. Urging me to create a MySpace page and to check out her new photos. So, I did both. Yup, me. I created a MySpace page, very rudimentary but it works. I'm still very confused at how to pimp it out, so maybe I won't just yet. A worthy endeavor for a later date.

Then, I decided this was the time to quit putting off compiling some tunes to listen to, so I did that. Which is why I have a playlist and music going on this blog now. It never ceases to amaze me how much music can change my mood for the better, and as I have gotten older, how much I forget to include it in my daily life. Sure hope I have learned the lesson now.

Then, I cooked a couple of good dinners for Hubs and me this weekend. Put off going to the grocery store and used what we had. Gotta love that. Dentist appointment tomorrow and I'll go Krogering afterwards, so Tuesday's my Outside Day.

My scenery tide was starting to turn, yet good things kept on happening.

I made enormous progress on getting my work papers in order. Still a ways to go, may take the rest of this whole week, but I'm on my game with it. Can't stop me now. And just as I was wondering what to do about a client who owes me money, I got a call from him. Sending me a check today. Wow, mental telepathy doesn't work that well, even.

Oh, and last night, the local weatherman gave me another great gift: a real, live cool front is hitting us this afternoon, with temps dropping to the high 40's by tonight. Do you know how great that is for us here? Yes, the front of the front has a rainy day in store, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be clear, gorgeous and cool. Really fall, not Indian summer. For some precious hours, at least.

So, feeling relaxed for the first time in a while, when my narcolepsic drowsiness hit me about 11 p.m. last night, I succumbed immediately. Hence, the full night's sleep and eager-beaver wake up today. No, my day has not gone exactly picture-perfect according to plan, but I am happy, confident, optimistic, as is my normal tendency to be since the day I was born. So refreshing! So precious.


Linda said...

I find that music is a great pick me up when I am feeling down. The photo is beautiful, reminds me of upstate NY. Glad you are feeling better, Have fun setting up your My Space site.

Heather said...

Great tunes Aimes! Glad to hear you are feeling perky again!

Dana said...

girl you know I want one of those blinkies....LOL

Love the photo!

Patter Cross said...

I love music! It sure can help change a mood! I pray you continue to feel well and rest well. Blessings,

Colleen said...

Great music and I know how great a good night's sleep can be! Something I need to get tonight...

Pearl Maple said...

That photo is lovely, so inspirational for all the fall projects we should be working on.

Noelia said...

Glad you're feeling much better and that you've been productive in doing your paperwork and stuff.
You seem to be in good spirits and that's always a good thing :)

Maria said...

Hey Aimeslee,

I'm sorry that you were feeling a bit down! I was feeling a bit that way last week. I find music therapeutic as well. It can bring me out of a funk.

I'm glad that you're feeling happier and back to your normal self again!


grandmascraps said...

sounds like you are doing better, glad to hear that. I lovethe fall colors myself. We have had such a dry summer that our fall follage is not up to par. I do like the change in seasons though. Seems like a chance to start over is in the air. hope you hare having a wonderful day.