Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You Likey?

Yeppers, I cut my hair again and I'm happy I did. It feels awesome. I get to the point of not being able to stand longer hair after awhile, because I always just end up wearing it up or in a ponytail (oh the shame, it's usually a scrunchie...).

Here's this week's creation for the challenge over at Bringing It Back. We were supposed to make something with the old Making Memories Details collection metal frames and doo dads:

Now, my ornery old arss got a bit huffy at the thought of having to use a certain brand and item, so I almost did not do the challenge, but I sucked it up. And along with that goes the caveat: if it's the wrong item, tough stuff. LOLOL

I have no idea what collection that any of my stuff in my embellies drawers came from, much less the brand. But the frame I used is a Making Memories and the package said 2004, so hey, it's old.

I also used an aluminum charm I had, and I colored in the dots and ribbon with some red Stickles (which proves that, yes, Stickles can be applied to metals, in case you ever need to know that). Here is a close-up of the Stickles charm:

And, some notecards I literally threw together with odds and ends that I'd looked at for forever on my desk and finally used:

Well, today's a tough one for me, so better get a crackin'. Have a good one!


Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Yes, me likey! In fact, methinks I might have to do something similar. My hair is just outtahand at the mo.

Love your use of 'old' stuff. How cool did that stickles turn out!!

Theresa said...

Cute haircut, amazed that you can cut your own. I'd have it so uneven if I tried to do mine. Of course, with today's styles no one would notice.

Jenna Franklin said...

The haircut is adorable, Aimelsee! So's the card - I'm so sorry you felt huffy, lol! I figured the metal stuff from eons ago was a huge category, lol!

Dana said...

Love the hair!!

toners said...

Cute haircut! And your projects look great! I love MM goodies, whether they're new or old :)

csimmers said...

I love the new "do". I also like your projects.

I hope you have a great day!!!

Lida said...

You cut ur own hair??!! Ok first it looks adorable, second you are my hero! I would not even cut other peoples hair let alone mine, how do you do that??!!! It looks really cool.

And love the stickles aren´t they great?!

Rachael said...

You look so cute!!

I love how you used the Stickles on the gift embellie!!

I used to have tons of that metal!!

Lynn said...

Loving the new do girl. I can't believe you did it, but I completely understand. I almost succummed to the same feelings this past weekend, but didn't cave in ... yet anyway.

Great cards! Wonderful colors!
Hope you are having some pain free days.

Katy said...

Oooh Aimeslee!!

Nice cut! You are a hottie. I'm having a great night...I had a date tonight!!

I blogged about it a little.


jill said...

Love the new do!

What a fun challenge! Did you say 2004?!?! I know I have some of the same frames in my stash...LOL

Gina said...

I'm about thisclose to cutting off mine...I am sick of scrunchies and embarrassed that I have only one left!

Noelia said...

You're looking good gf! Right in time for spring and warmer weather. Love what you created for the challenge. I have a few metal frames from MM as well that I'd love to use up.

Lynn said...

Hi Aimes, just wanted to let you know that I left you something special on my blog today.
I love to read your blog for all the encouragement to keep on going with anything in life. Your blog makes me smile. Thanks

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Love the cut and the cards! I just did mine shorter - will need to take pictures!

Kim said...

Love your hair! very cute!

Gabrielle said...

Short hair is always nice during the warmer months! And less shampoo! That's a plus! :)

Love the cards. So colorful!