Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

In fact, the next few days contain Earth Day celebrations globally, so perhaps it's Earth week, LOL. And when I Googled for info, I saw a couple of celebrations that were on Saturday, the 18th, but that might have been for the sake of weekday workers who wanted to plants trees or some other day-long venture.

Those of you who've been reading my blog for a year or more know I like to make something to honor this day that incorporates the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle theme. This year I wanted to add bestowing an award to someone special who is environmentally aware and pushes for it on their blog more than anyone else I know.

The choice for me was easy. I immediately thought of my friend Vicki Cook, who never fails to commemorate days of action on her blog, whether it be to celebrate the beauty of trees, to plant flowers, install a bird feeder, or coax new birdie visitors with a nesting house.

Vicki, I salute you for being a 2008 Earth Angel and all around Nature Girl Extraordinaire! Here's your award, for displaying on your blog sidebar (I hope!):

Ok, so on to my Earth Day creation. I wanted to make Vicki a piece of hanging art-iness, and I wanted to include my ATC "Patchwork Earth" that I'd made weeks ago, because I'd originally made it with Earth Day in mind. Although I'd been excited about making this ATC from little slivers of scrap paper to look like a quilt, I wasn't 100% happy with it when I finished it. It was missing something.

So, I laid it aside and forgot about it for a while, hoping and knowing deep down that I'd come up with something to make it more acceptable to my tastes. Picking it back up recently, I decided to do the back with a map of the world stamped image (one of those background stamps from a previous post that I mounted cling cushion on and created storage in the VHS tape cases). I then let it sit some more and thought about adding some rhinestones and jewels and maybe some little stamped cut-out birdies to finish that side.

Turning to the front of the CD, I decided to go over the red gel pen with black, blue and green, thereby toning the red down some. That helped. And, I coated the entire top with my favorite Diamond Glaze, which always makes things look better. I also filled in the bottlecap earth with some Glaze, and then I applied some Crystal Stickles to the inside perimeter. Now, I was getting happy with this little card.

Next, how to hang it? Well, I killed two birds with one stone by using an old CD -- I was able to recycle, plus I'd be able to get out my alcohol inks and paint like I'd been wanting to. That done, I went looking for other elements I could add that were sitting around waiting to be re-used. I had some skinny green satin ribbon that I'd looked at for a few months on my creating desk, so I grabbed it and curling-ironed it straight, then stitched it through holes I'd punched with my Cropadile. Then, I found some beads that were the perfect colors and started stringing two tails on the bottom. (And I might add a couple of "arms" on the side.
I think those beads are so pretty, like porcelain or that turquoise kitchen ware from California in the 1940's (with the drink pitchers that look like a tire-shape with a spout and a handle?) Uh, yeah, obviously, I don't collect dishware, right? ROFL!

Anyway, I'm terribly later than I wanted to be with this post, because nothing went anywhere near a timetable today. So, I'll close with a cool thingy you can make to funnel rain water from your gutter to a rain barrel. And, it hangs, too!You can then re-use the water for feeding and watering plants and birds. You'll find instructions here, courtesy of Lowes.


Lida said...

Congratulations to Vicky first we need more Earth Angels like her, love the water thingy cause it makes us mad when we hear dripping so this will help a lot!
Love the altered cd looks super funky!!

cookievf said...

Aim, you are such a freakin L.U.V.!!!!!! Thank you for this award and for making me a beautiful dangle-y card. I am honored!

You always have me chuckling on my regular visits here (old fart porn) and again, today, you've got me beaming from ear-to-ear! Caught by surprise, I am touched and thrilled to pieces, dear friend.

Yep, you've got me pegged. This hippie-chick, hendrix-freak, barefoot-nature-girl thanks you from the bottom of her ever lovin' tree-huggin heart! ~ XO

Juliana said...

I like how you showed your project step by step. It turned out great!

Dana said...

What an awesome topic. I was watching Oprah yesterday and found that we are truly a WASTEFUL family. I hate to admit, that I never recycled. But yesterday I ordered two recycle bin totes from my disposal company and will make sure I am doing my part to save our earth. I didn't know it took over 100 years to break down plastic. That is crazy . I think I am going to blog about this! Thanks for the idea!!

csimmers said...

I love your step by step directions on your project. What a great way to give a push to those of us that might stop a project and never pick it up again.

Sarah C. said...

Cool CD project, Aimeslee! :)

Linda said...

Your project is so cool!

Lynn said...

Congrats to Vicki! Way to go!
Aimes, your project is sooooo inspiring, as always! You are so creative and artistic. The things you create truly get me to thinking that I've really got a lot more to learn. Or really... just open my mind to new things to be open to create.
You are truly wonderful!
Love your rain water saver! Great Idea!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Aimes, you are a wonder! I love that you took the time to make that awesome Earth Day project for Vicki. And it's so darn cute too. Also love that ring funnel rain gizmo.