Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Climbing over the Hump

I'm alive, a little groggy still, but here and engaged in thought. Making plans, exploring possibles. Anyway, I couldn't resist recognizing HumpDay with these Oldfarts. Just makes me smile today.
But first things first. Today is the one-year anniversary of the Va. Tech campus shootings. Please join me in a quiet moment of reflection in memory of all who were affected.
Today is also Pope Benedict XVI's first day of his American tour. I am not Roman Catholic. In fact, I am Episcopalian, which is the American version of the Church of England, which is Anglican or Anglo-Catholic, due to King Henry the Eighth's need for divorce back in the 16th century. So, I do not obey Benedict, but I do have a curious interest in him because he is German. And since there are lots of Catholics in America, like Hubster's family, so I welcome him to America.
Hubs had to go to the emergency room at the local hospital last night. He had a vertigo attack, which he gets every so often. Since he was at work, they required him to go there, complete with an ambulance. Luckily, by the time he was able to get a phone call to me, his doctor was called in and showed up pronto because he was already there seeing someone else, and he quickly judged it nothing more than an attack, admonished Hubs to not quit his meds and released him. I say luckily because I was sound asleep and might have slept through the call to go up there. One of his coworkers had gone with Hubs and stayed, so he provided transport back to work and Hubs drove home. I really don't mean to make light of this, but we've been through this so many times over his vertigo, and it's his own damn fault and rather expensive too. (Work only pays for the ambulance, and our e-room copay is $75 plus always a straggler bill a week or two later for that much more, or more! And this time I'm sure his doctor will file a claim, too, for 5 minutes and a script.)

So, the reason I brought this up was that Hubs woke me up when he got home to fill me in. I couldn't get back to sleep right away, so I spent an hour listing out the art projects, pieces, creations I want/have promised to make for others, and that list sort of shocked me as to how long it is. So, that's hopefully going to be the focus of my spare time the next few weeks.


Lida said...

Oh no, I hope your hubs feels better and it wasn´t that expensive, and glad you can now think of your artistic side! Can´t wait to see what you create!

Noelia said...

I hope your hubs is feeling better now.
I have a mild case of vertigo more like extreme fear of heights or flying and stuff so I know where he's coming from.

P.S. I know you promised something for me and girlfriend, you can put me at the bottom of your list as I am not one to pressure. But I'd really like to have my little something one of these days ;) My b-day is in July if you know what I mean *wink wink*

Heather said...

So I was chatting with Noelia tonight when she asked me if I had read your blog today. And I hadn't yet, so I popped over to see what Noelia thought was so funny, only to find old people porn! I just about peed my pants I laughed so hard! Now I've got to remember to show my Hubs! He will get a kick out of it!

Sarah C. said...

Glad Hubs is ok. Tell him to behave and take his meds! :) Looking fwd to seeing your projects. You always have such fun, creative artwork. Enjoy seeing it!

Rachael said...

Oh my, I just love that old fart pic!!! LOL

I hope your hubs is doing better! How scary!

Rachael said...

Oh my, I just love that old fart pic!!! LOL

I hope your hubs is doing better! How scary!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Brilliant pic! Way too cute. Sorry to hear about Hubster's vertigo. Those ER co-pays are a you-know-what! We still do several ER visits every year with the kids, and those blasted bills always follow religiously!

Gabrielle said...

Love the photos! :)

Hope your honey is feeling better soon! MEN!

Linda said...

Oh my! That photo is way too funny! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today. Glad that dh is ok.

Lynn said...

That picture is just too cute. I think the guy in the picture could be my hubs in about 20 years, I of course would be picking up my elbow to his face to knock him out. oh well... too cute.

I hope your hubby is feeling better. A friend of mine has veritago attacks very badly and it just wipes him out for days. Men... they just don't listen to dr's orders.

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jill said...

Hi Aimeslee!

Hope dh is feeling better! I won't even get started on insurance, referrals and co-pays. So frustrating.

Hilarious hump day photo!

grandmascraps said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog so often. I have been a little remiss in getting things on there. Now that the weather if finally warming up, I will be adding some walking to my daily routine.I am trying to stay on track.
Hope your hub is feeling better. Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to my blog. I got to come to yours which is a treat. You have joy, fun, serious stuff, and information. Its really like we are links in each others journey. Inspired by each other to keep on going! Thank you.


Superscrapifragilisticspalidocious said...

I hope your hubby is back to normal. Love the Hillary ad...Bitches get stuff done....
Rise Hillary Rise *from Maya Angelou's poem. :)

cookievf said...

Hey Aimes!

I love what gretchen said "links in each other's journey!" Well said.

I have come to really depend on the connections I've made with PEOPLE through their blogs, websites and various postings. The creative journey is really secondary.

Thanks for being such a steady presence and a friend.

However belated, your hubs is in my prayers and oh yea, you are too!

(smile) - vick xo