Saturday, January 22, 2011

KO'd off the island...

I could never be accused of being a fan of MSNBC anymore. Although, prior to the eve of the 2008 NH primary I was one of the cable channel's biggest and most loyal fans. Up until that fateful night, MSNBC was my tv's de facto channel and you could win a little fast cash by betting that it was on at my house unless they were airing those docu-dramas like "To Catch a Predator"...remember those? Ugh, not even I could stomach them.

I practically worshipped at the Altar of KO, aka Keith Olbermann, and was known far and wide as actually being able to pay attention through an entire Special Comment (which in those days were always about The Evil Dubya and lasted upwards of an hour). I even enjoyed most of them and could and did quote entire paragraphs as friends and family rolled their eyes...a lot.

The way that KO and most of MSNBC reacted to Hilary's tears that night (and in the process shed their objective facade in favor of outright salivating over Obama) just made me ill, a reaction that continues to this day whenever I'm forced to watch more than 15 minutes of their tripe. So, it gave me a bit of joy to hear that Keith was fired finally, although I did experience a dejavu-ey sentimental moment remembering the good old days before Olbermann went insane/was abducted by aliens/sold his soul to Chris Matthews. Good Night and Good Luck to you, KO, as lon g as I don't have to see you anymore or hear your about giving radio a try this time? winkwink

Speaking of cable show hosts, I cannot believe someone posted this shot comparing Rachel Maddow to Ralph Macchio...yet the resemblance is a little eery, eegads. Ralphie's almost unrecognizable from his former youthful personna, but he's become a handsome man, hasn't he? I enjoyed seeing him, his wife of 23 years and his two cute kids in Funny or Die's video spoof of his, well, niceness:

I think my favorite part was in the driveway when Ralph's {really cute and hip} son counselled him, "You know he wasn't being nice, right?" after some guy drive-by insulted him and Ralph smiled and waved. My second fave part was the 'I'm not Chachi!!!" bar incident scene. But then, there's also the hooker who told him to come back when he was 18 ("Damnit, I'm 48 years old!"). It's all too dangggg funny!

Let's hope wholesome makes a comeback so we can see him in something besides men's face cream commercials, lol (you have to watch the video to get that joke).

Speaking of MSNBC and their general survival, I enjoyed reading various comments around the blogosphere. The gang at the Activity Pit (late night FNC show Red Eye's fan site) had me in stitches with their idea that MSNBC should rev up their stinking ratings by adopting a "Survivor" type of format.
Here's some snippets:
"Every week, someone gets voted off the island. It will be a lot of fun coming up with what sort of immunity challenges you could put their "personalities" through - and how each would fare in them."
"I have an idea for one of the Immunity Challenges. How about a group stroll thru the south side of Chicago at midnight? Good thing the city has strict gun control laws, eh?"

I find myself really wanting to see this played out (is that wrong of me? lol) and I especially would love to see both Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell humiliated beyond words and voted off the island, followed close behind by that chubby little idiot Ed Schultz. It would definitely tempt me into watching again to see all that!

Are you listening, Comcast? winkwink