Thursday, January 20, 2011

Updates on the updates

I realized today that it has been awhile since I updated the blog on the various personal projects ongoing here at Casa Winans, so without further ado...

Somehow, don't ask me how, I managed to get through the holidays only gaining 2 pounds, which were quickly shed once I got back on my plan. And I've managed to continue to maintain and lose a little more. My adventure with Nutrisystems ended right before Thanksgiving when I cancelled the December food shipment. At that time, I had quite a lot of their food left, which I began integrating into a loose diet regime of mostly lower fat and lower calorie grocery store foods.
My recently re-organized pantry, above, shows the last remains of my Nutrisystems inventory and the addition on the bottom shelf of our new inside toolbag that was one of Hubster's Christmas presents. Since this pantry sits right next to our laundry room, it's a great place to keep frequently-used tools that are too nice to get gunked up or lost in our garage. And since it's a bag, we can just throw the tools in after using and every so often straighten up the bag's contents. Workable. Do-able.

Hubster finished my bathroom project right after the holidays, and I've been enjoying my like-new bathing place. It's the first time since I was single and living alone that I've had a bathroom to myself, and I do love it.

This is the new Peerless showerhead I chose. The big circular head looked like a great idea, but it's not really all that. The removeable handheld head is all that, though. So, overall, glad I chose it.

Along with the regrout and caulking, the new shower door enclosure, showerhead and faucet fixtures make a huge difference. Here's hoping I can keep it this fresh and clean!

We did have one little plumbing problemo a few weeks ago. Our house is built right on a concrete slab, meaning there is no wood subfloor. Over time when the house and foundation settles, the pipes can break and this has been happening to us. First was the kitchen plumbing a few years ago which we had redirected around the house. Now, the washing machine has followed suit. So, we had to move the washer and dry out the wall. Hubster preferred replacing the drywall with some leftover panelling he had. It was quicker and he didn't have to drywall (always a plus, as he hates doing that).

Then the plumbers dug the trench connecting this cleanout to the kitchen sink cleanout further down the wall.

And by the end of the day, the job was finished.

Hubster didn't pay much attention when the kitchen sink drain was re-directed, so he asked our plumber to find where it intersects our front walk. This time we took photos with a measuring tape to remind us where it lay, just in case. Not a bad idea for putting in the old This Old House book if you have one.

Now we know exactly how many inches from the front porch the pipe is buried. Would be nice if it was buried treasure, but oh well.