Friday, February 04, 2011

All Ice and No Snow

There's an old Texas / Western saying that's used when someone is boastful or a braggart and has nothing to back up what they say or represent themselves to be: "He's all hat and no cattle", a reference to back in the cattle rancher days.

So, all I've heard for 3 days is, we're gonna get snow, and although I fought hard not to be taken in (I've heard this a few times in my 5 decades), it finally got to me and I could feel my excitement building.

I went to bed last night nice and early (9:00pm) and was so anxious that I promptly woke up at 12:30am to snow yet. The tv weather gurus said there was also going to be ice and sleet -- the whole enchilada. Well, it was cold, but dry as a bone, and to top it off I ended up wide awake and staying up.

I stayed busy with this and that, waiting...waiting...waiting. Finally, about 4:30am we began getting a drizzle. Actually it was really a misting...a fine intermittent misting so slight, so minimal that it made no sound. I usually will hear rain eventually drip off the roof at some point. This rain was silent and stayed on the roof and wherever it fell, turning to ice. Still no snow, however. A renegade layer of warm air had snuck in undetected and blew our chances for powder.

Ice my grill, Bro!

...the cold, hard facts (ice chunks on the morning paper)...

...our flags were stiff with ice trimming...
...icicles hanging out on the overhang: look out below!

We fared much better out in suburbia compared to Houston. I stayed entertained for several hours watching the Houston news station document various fools trying to drive on the freeways and overpasses, and hittinh ice patches that caused wrecks, blocked roads and stranded motorists until well into the late morning when first responders could reach them without putting themselves in danger.

I'll admit to worrying about where Missy was (as she lives in Houston now in her own apartment). But about 8am I broke down and texted her, after seeing one too many wrecks from her area of town. She was working at home, safe and sound. Mayor Annise Parker had declared a veritable work holiday for today and urged everyone to just stay at home until temps rose above freezing (not expected until Saturday afternoon) so the road ice could have a chance to thaw. I finally quit watching around noon as the roads began to fill up with motorists. I just hope the sun comes out to help the thaw. There are already 4 vehicular fatalities and a couple dozen injuries requiring hospitalization.

More wet cold weather is expected to hit us Wednesday. The tv guy said just keep the pipes wrapped; we're not through yet. Oh, my aching thumbs!