Thursday, April 02, 2009

Not my best day...

Wednesday was bill-paying day for me, no foolin'. I began the day just going to check out to see if that computer virus was causing any harm, then ran my anti-virus, then started in paying bills online.

You know it takes me forever to do stuff that just 10 years ago I could do brain-dead, but I was going good until my internet connection began slowing down in the afternoon. I was ready to quit paying bills and only had a few more. Talk about aggravating. It probably wasn't a good idea to keep on. Just should have saved the rest for today. But, then I began getting a load of emails in my inbox to look at this art and that art, etc. So, I kept on through the slowness.

By the time Hubs got home from work I was totally scattered. Could not focus on a thing. Shoulda just laid down for a nap, but I was behind on my to-do list. This is just one reason why my condition right now during my treatment totally sucks: I cannot control my concentration well any more and so if there is a deadline involved I better get it done early.

I think I now know why elderly people have to pester you until you do their work. For years as an accountant, that irritated me to no end. I just couldn't understand, why no patience? Well, now I think I have some idea.

Anyway, by about 10pm, I was way behind and tried to sleep, but now I was too keyed up. So, for the last 6 hours I've been trying to get some done and have managed to only go through emails, do the dishes and two loads of laundry. Oh and take a shower. That won't win the Olympics of Chores, will it?

Worst part was, I missed posting a blog entry for Wednesday. {Pout!} I was on a roll!!! (Said like I'm Marlon Brando not being a "contendah" in On the

Now, my left thigh hurts. So does the left side of my lower back. I'm feeling little tiny spasms. This cannot be good, ok? I hate my frickin body. I wish I had a masseuse who made house 5 a.m.

Off to try to take a nap and relax and quit thinking about stressful things.....


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Awe... I feel for you and all you're going through. Why is it we always push ourselves and expect more! Hope you got the rest you needed!

Linda said...

Go take a nap girl or at least put your feet up for a moment. I didn't turn my light off either. Actually I didn't know about it until after the fact. And I love the Godfather too. It is one of the movies that I like just as much, maybe more than the book. Shocking I know!

I've been in Maryland for 3 1/2 years now. Dh and I left NY after we got married and moved to VA stayed for 5 yrs then to WV for another 5. I'm hoping we will be here for longer than that. I've got to get my kids through high school without traumatizing them with another move.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Do what your body allows you to do, and then just take that nap. You need it and you deserve it. If you're like me, when I'm that out of it, whatever does get done doesn't get done well. Almost always, I end up redoing it. Be patient with yourself and be good to yourself. THis one life we have is just too short to do otherwise. You're in my thoughts and prayers.