Friday, April 03, 2009

Goulash & pudding

Yum, what a combo, eh? LOL Well, not eaten together! Separately, though, it was a good meal tonight. I saw someone else online do this photo effect on their food photos, so I thought I'd try it. Here's the goulash:

And here's the banana pudding:

You can find the recipe for Vintage Hamburger Goulash right here. But I want to say something about it. I will be making it again, but I will only eat it as a leftover and I will cover it with a layer of shredded cheddar cheese. I might even occasionally add in a small can of corn, drained. The dang thing is too bland otherwise, just fresh off the stove.

Yes, I know this how? I ate a small bowl at supper unenthusiastically, but later on in the evening my hunger tempted me to try another, and the taste difference was like night and day. Then, I tried it with the shredded melted cheese and it was even better.

Isn't that the way with a recipe sometimes? I've found I have to pull some kind of trick on them about half the time. I have to laugh, remembering when I was younger blaming it on a typo, but now I just think not everyone has the same taste buds.

I guess I should fess up that I'm beginning to cook dinner now. Last night was roast chicken, mashed pots and peas. Tonight was goulash and biscuits. I think I'll order a pizza tomorrow...that way I'll have something. I had to scour the kitchen cabinet dungeon for the goulash fixins (the macaroni came out of a Kraft mac n cheese box), and I'm not going to the grocery store on Saturday.


Tita Moma said...

I chuckled at your last line "and I'm not going to the grocery store on Saturday." Does that mean you dislike grocery shopping as much as I do? I'll do almost anything to get out of grocery shopping, especially on Saturday. Peggy.

Theresa said...

Hate to go grocery shopping on the weekend and the first weekend of the month--no way!!!!