Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, tonite the sky fell out once more this week. Another rain storm, with training. 4-5-6 more inches. I think we are caught up on rain by now.

In other news local to me, perhaps this proves just how hard-nosed folks down here can get:

Riding out the storm? You’ll pay for the rescue

This is a bill going through the Texas statehouse right now. Now, it is something that is logical on the face of it, but we should remember that it is not the wealthy who stay behind, it is the poor and blue-collar working class who do, even those who stay for their pets because they cannot afford to keep them off-site. Billing them for this will just bankrupt them all.

And it takes the focus off the fact that Centerpoint Energy should be shot for not trimming the trees around the power lines which caused most of the power outages.

All I know is that the next time we all have to evacuate down here, if you add 20,000 more people on the roads just from Galveston alone, I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET OUT!

Be careful what you wish for, Texas, you just may get it! (And, I cannot wait to see what kind of legal chaos this is going to cause when they try to enforce it...or when there are thousands more deaths of people who stayed and got no help, but oh well, they asked for it, right?) Heaven help the Act of God that might leave you having to turn down help because you cannot afford it!

Just more and more micro-management of my freedoms, insidious creeping into my privacy. Here's the deal on what happened to me: I would have been able to come back within a few days had the untrimmed trees not downed my power lines for 15 days! And did Centerpoint pay for my hotel room? Hell no, FEMA did. Do you see the problemo here? I do not blame the state for crying that they can't spend the money, but hey, if they would bill Centerpoint for it instead of the people, maybe Centerpoint would trim those freaking trees!

Just sayin! LOVE what a poster on the Chronicle's site commented about this story:

"What if you were in a freeway accident and needed to be rescued with say, the jaws of life. You had better start carrying plenty of cash. Rescue is rescue; that's why they call it a rescue. After all, you've had just as much warning as everyone else about how dangerous these freeways are and I assume you choose to drive on them anyway. The real answer to this issue is to find some people intelligent enough to come up with realistic, workable plans, not some cockamamie idea that has not a prayer of working. "

YES! Oh, well, it's an Obama World we got here, let's prosecute the Bushies for...keeping us safe for 8 years. I mean, those 8 years are already over now, and no one would dare hit us now because the O man is loved by the entire world!

Why not? Placate the idiot uber-left, that's much more important, they have our best interests in mind, right? And let's do this cap and trade nonsense that will force Exxon and Chevron and the rest of big oil to relocate to other countries that welcome them with open arms to do business, oh yeah, that's gonna really stop carbon-based activity. But don't you dare force California or Martha's Vineyard to put up wind turbines that blend into the scenery farely invisibly. Oh, no, Not In My Backyard!

And let's make obesity a freakin crime against humanity and not let overweight people have medical insurance because they are all nazis and perpetrate crimes against humanity, even thoough 65% of Americans are obese? RIGHT. That works!

I am so sick and tired of all this crap. I just love how the ObamaBots are trying so hard to make all of us pissed-off people into tea-bagging thugs and horrible unpatriotic trouble-makers. Wow, if only Jefferson could be alive right now.

Months ago, I warned people right here on this blog, how Obama takes the teachings of marxist socialist Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals, to perpetrate CHAOS in the name of progress, and that one day he would not be able to control what he unleashes.

Well, the way people are proposing to prosecute the Bushies for torture is a great example of what I was talking about. Obama's let this thing get out of hand. Billionaire George Soros, who made $1.8 billion off of this economic crisis by betting against the dollar, but who bankrolled Obama and the Dems and who holds the puppet strings on Obama, has declared that Bushies are to be prosecuted at all cost.

So, what does Obama do, even though he knows it is not a good idea? Does he show any backbone at all? Hell, no. He pushes it off on his Attorney General to tell Soros no deal. Or not. See, Obama is so good at throwing people under the bus, and on passing the buck. Not so good at stopping the buck or showing any kind of political courage. Some leader we have here.

Obama knows it is not a good idea, because Bush's advisors, the ones targeted for possible prosecution, were giving him their legal opinions about waterboarding and other torture tactics. You prosecute them and no subsequent president will ever get any decent advice ever again. And, if we do get attacked again, Obama could be prosecuted for not keeping us safe!

None of that is logical, fair or wise. It's just revenge! I thought we were gonna be POST-partisan, and it turns out we are more partisan and vindictive than EVER! When is it going to be enough? When? When BOTH parties get thrown out on their butts?

Hey, guess what the Tea Party Patriots are advocating? THREE GUESSES....

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