Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Poor Reggie. So far, no bath. We keep getting cool fronts.

Today was very windy, and quite cool for a sunny day. The photo is of the pasture behind our house after one of its semi-annual grass mowings. It was so windy that the wooden gate next to Reggie's doghouse kept rattling because the latch is a loose one and lets the gate move a bit. Reggie was constantly barking at it, thinking someone was outside opening it. He was annoying me so much and making himself so anxious that I gave him half a melatonin so he would take a nice long nap. :-000

This is just an every day photo of what I did today. Ate breakfast while sketching some designs for cards and washing and drying a load of clothes, and trying to carry everything with me. I am grateful that I didn't try to dry the sausage biscuit. winkwink

I have no other food to show. Hubs insisted on preparing Sunday dinner and we had steak, baked potatoes and salad, my favorite. Then, tonight he did not eat dinner at home because he worked over and they got catered. I worked on some leftovers. ;-)

I'm head-down into artsing and crafting right now. The Muse is making demands and my creativity is flowin'. Hope everyone has a good week. I think I will. ;-)

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