Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Politics on the Hump

If you are not happy about how Congress is spending, then go here to find out where the nearest tea party to you will be held, and GO.

Go here for the story:
Times online UK
and Here:
Radar Online
So, what are we to make of this? The left-leaning sites and tv news orgs are either leaving this alone and censoring it from you, or they are suggesting a set-up.

Hmmm. In cases like this, I go for the simplest and most logical test. That would be, what if this happened to me?

All sources who are reporting this say that neither Biden nor his daughter can be reached for comment. (Biden is not commenting and Ashley is not returning calls.)

If I were innocent (if that wasn't me in the video), I'd be shouting it from the rooftops into as many major league reporters' mikes as I could. And if I were guilty (meaning it was me in the video), I'd be laying low and hoping for strong and fast blowover winds.

So, I think it was her. It's only logical.

Plus, I really need a detailed explanation of how you can be set up if you are videoed snorting cocaine. Like, what's the set-up again? Oh, she was hypnotized into doing it? Seriously, what does being set up mean here?
Guilty as charged on that account. Didn't feel guilty, either, because I think it's a stupid, superficial eco-status thing. Like, it makes people look all enviro if they do it.

Well, turns out it probably made no difference in actually saving any energy, if one uses California as a marker, and that's also pretty dang logical being what Cali is and all. Check out the charts over at the Grand Rants blog. They show that Earth Hour was a total bust in California, where if you can make it enviro there, you can make it anywhere, right? Apparently not. So, I'm concluding I missed nothing at all and any guilt over it would be a waste. :-)

Wow, wonder what other *facts* will turn out to be myths before too long. I cannot wait to see if the Polar ice cap melts in 4 years as promised....{Sigh}

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