Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Not Plugged In Lately

I've kinda gotten unplugged from daily cable news lately since beginning my current low-carb diet regime on Nov. 19th. Still on it and going strong. And now The Hubster is in on it. Since he does the cooking, this is nothing but fantabulous for me. ;-)

I see things that rip me a new one daily in our politics, but I've had a lot of work and chores lately. Been arting a lot, too. I take it in but then I don't spit it out here.

I'm pretty okay with Obama's position on the war and am now certain he was forced to do all that postponing in hopes of appeasing his angry left base. Well, *forced* as a subjective verb here, because he chose to do it, but it was a political force. I still think he is missing the op of a lifetime to swing to the middle and capture up more support than he'd lose, but I have to assume he finds that distasteful at present. He is still dancing with what brought him (barely), but he wants to change the dance card up.

The polls continue to show me that people are slowly and surely waking up to see that Obama is not controlling the govt'l pursestrings and that Pelosi and Reid do. Duh. This was like 50% of the reasoning behind my compromise vote for McCain.  If they are not stopped, we will be owned by China like cabana boys.

Things are moving so fast and changing so much, aren't they? And everything is shadowy, no clear or crsip definitions of silhouettes, even. All murky soup.

The Hubs finally finished his special project and now is off until the 10th. What joy. I have him underfoot 24/7. But he does cook my meals and then he goes shopping and does the lawn (our front yard looks like some kind of weird mulching experiement with thick layers of leaves) and will put up the outdoor decorations.  Sounds like a lot, but he's done nothing but work and sleep for 1 year and 2 months. He's actually excited to have the honey-dos. I can always stay up all night and sleep all day if things get testy or grumpy, lolol. ;-)))

We are getting some really cold weather down here around Houston. Down into the 30's, then 20's during the upcoming week. Wows! I think Friday we even might have some snow for like 2 seconds. Last year on the 10th, it snowed like 2 inches and stuck. I'll have to be prepared to take some photos of this year if it gets interesting.