Monday, December 14, 2009

How are YOUR holidays going?

Need some smiles right about now? Check out these giggle moments -- even if they are at others' expense, that's what the holidays are for, others, right? {Snort}

Check out Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Bad Holiday Outfits at StyleList. Yes, of COURSE, celebrities are modelling them...

And, what would the holidays be without some JibJab?

Farting Elves 12 Days of Christmas

And, my favorite video of all lately:

Sarah Palin does William Shatner Doing Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien Friday, December 11th
This was AWESOME! I caught it live, having channel-surfed over to Conan at just the right moment. For you unknowings, Shatner's had a recurring role on the show reading passages from Palin's book, her Twitters, anything he can get his hands on frankly, replete with bongos and bass fiddle accompaniment. Well, Fate came avisiting Mr. Shatner (whom I love a lot) on Friday's show right after he'd finished an excerpt from "Going Rogue". Sarah walks out in a surprise appearance carrying Shatner's autobiography, and she took the stool and read from his book. Touche'!

IT WAS AWESOME! And she was on her game, pitch perfect! The audience LOVED IT! And they walked off the stage arm in arm. Those are the TV moments I live for, and CONAN, not DAVE, delivers them.

With all that, I can safely say my holidays are going great! You?