Tuesday, December 08, 2009

68 years ago. Most of those who survived have passed on now. Very few remain.

That makes it harder to remember the lessons they learned for us.

Today's global allies can be tomorrow's enemies.

We must remain ever vigilant no matter how others may say about us.

I hope we never forget.

Tiger Woods has really disappointed me, but that's usually what happens when *we* as a celebrity-crazed culture behave like Gladys Cravitz on steroids 24/7. Everyone is human. What bothers me the most is that he seems to be a serial womanizer / playboy. He missed his calling as an infamous merchant marine. Can't help wondering what his Dad would say were he still alive...

I seriously want Harry Reid to be censored for his recent remarks on the Senate floor, trying lamely to connect opponents of his health care legislation as racists. Does he really think people still take him seriously? He's like the old batty aunt, except he's an uncle. He needs to face facts that his bill sucks. He can't make everyone like it. When are people gonna stand up and demand an end to race-baiting? The only good thing about it is, keep it up. It just angers that many more voters who will vote against you in 2010. I hope so, anyway.

On a frostier note, if possible, it snowed here in the Houston area Friday, the earliest snow we've ever had. It only lasted a few hours. It continued to snow, but it turned to water when it hit the ground. It's been rainy ever since. I'm getting tired of it.