Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it really THAT good?

To be QUEEN, that is.

I know what was a little TOO good:

~all of the Valentine's sweets Hubs and I separately bought for each other (and ourselves).

Next year, only one of us is buying the candy. Maybe we'll have less of it that way.

I also know what's REAL good:

~the lovely card Missy sent, and the store bought cards Hubs and I picked out for each other. He prefers a store bought card. I've learned not to be insulted or hurt. It's some deeply ingrained childhood some such, and I get a break from having to make a card. Win-Win. :-)

The BESTest thing is:

My favorite shirt lately. So cherished that I'm actually beginning to worry about separation anxiety when it's threadbare, and the dang shirt's only a few months old. It's just the epitome of comfort, and it knows it, too, right?

Forget being Queen (although I love my newest coffee cup collectible, my Valentine to myself)...I just wanna be comfortable, especially after grazing on all that chocolate for days and days!

Life at Casa Miguel this week has been hectic as the turtle flies. In other words, hectic for my usual speed. The new mattress set I ordered was delivered Monday, requiring a furniture rearranging endeavor of massive proportions. Right on cue, my back went out, but I pushed on and Monday night we were taking turns trying out our first memory foam mattress, like two kids at a slumber party. I would recommend a Simmons Caresse. It's firm, yet forgiving. Very conforming and ... wait for it ... comfortable. ;-)

The weather's been, as we say down here, stanky damp. So damp that even in the garage, kitchen matches will not light and little puddle patches of humidity form on the concrete and make it look like it rained. And it's been doing some of that, too. As always in damp weather, my arthritii is flaring up. One good thing that has happened has been 3 recent unplanned sleeps of 13 hours each (during the week of Friday the 13th, no less), that has finally succeeded in helping me kick the vast majority of that awful cold crud I had. All that remains is my usual allergy mini-hacking. Back to normal in that dept.

Today is a dreary looking one, with rumbling thunder and strange sounds being carried on the wind. A cool front is coming from the north.

In the Bragging Corner, I can't forget to mention that Missy landed an internship with Cornerstone Media Group! And, she's only a junior. She doesn't graduate until May 2010, a year and 3 months from now. I just saw a news piece about how up north at the expensive schools, companies are charging kids up to $9K for an 8-week internship. That is obscene.

I'm so glad she's at little Podunk U, shining like a bright star, and surrounded by rules that are for the most part, like old school, like in my day. Every time I think of that $9K, it pizzes me off. My Gosh, people, go get some bailout money, quit trying to make a buck off these kids.

Anyway, Missy had to add it as a class and it only cost me $800 more dollars, which now that I know about the $9K, makes me thankful to pay $800 and to the college, not to a company, sheesh.That means she is taking a really full load, working 3 afternoons a week at Cornerstone and then working 3-4 nights at the restaurant. I do not even fathom how she does it, because she is also active in the student ad society, Ad Fed. She is happy, though, and so I try not to fret too much. I probably tell her too many times to get enough sleep and food. {blush} Like it does any good....


Lida said...

First of all huge congratulations to Missy! Extra candy is one of the things that make me very happy and that shirt looks so pretty, yet....confortable!
Sounds like you had a great Valentine´s!

Linda said...

Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day. And congrats to Missy on her internship.

csimmers said...

I am so glad you had a great Valentine's Day. And, congrats to Missy. Earning that internship is a HUGE accomplishment. I love your new shirt. It's one I would pick out for myself. Take care of your back also.

jillconyers said...

Our Valentine's Day was not as yummy as yours. DH gave me photoshop LOL He says he will never buy me candy because he can't be sure of the reaction he will get. Sadly, he is right. Poor guy has to live with me. How does he do it?

I have a pair of jeans, although I may not be able to wear them in public, I will never part with them.

Congrats to Missy! That is awesome.