Monday, October 06, 2008

Back with a Vengence, You Betcha

This man, Barney Frank, pretends to not have caused one drop of the current sludge blocking our messed-up credit markets. Well, I say, he's an unabashed liar. Read this:
Barney Frank's True Loyalties It's a press release extolling the various bills that Frank, as the BigWigout in the Dem-controlled House of Reps, got passed during his time in power since January of 2007. This press release references the bills. I've read the bills. If you can find anywhere in any of his bills where he actually got passed more oversight on Fannie and Freddie, please show me. Details, please.

There's nothing, nada. Yet he gets out there and lies about it. He says, oh I most certainly supported oversight. It's McCain and the Republicans' fault, not mine. And, he's convincing. It requires voters to actually do some homework to find the truth, a task made much more difficult by the media being in Obama's tank.

Here we have someone steeped in gay rights activism whose groups include ACT UP and Queer Nation, whose been out and proud and defensive and angry for over 2 decades, and well-versed in covert action to produce results he and his desire. Do you seriously trust him to not hide what he does not want you to know, so that the cause is continued? Please. This is a far left-Liberal with agendas you don't even have on your radar, and he's in power.

Feeling groovy? Trusting? Happy? Then, I do not know you. And do I want to anymore? My jury is still out on that but it's leaning...

With the credit markets meltdown, it's no longer about trickle down vs. entitle up, people. It's about how wise and mature it is to feel bold, reckless and risky enough to try a new left-wing direction with fuzzy details, fuzzy alliances, and lots of questions about practically everything connected with Obama. It's about looking around and realizing that all of our allies in Europe have followed our lead and gone conservative. They no longer "hate" us. They respect us again. And now we want to go liberal? Now? That's old, leftover from 2000 and 2004. The world has changed in many ways. Don't be fooled.

Sure, no argument from me about not wanting to continue the Bush years. Hell, I am supremely proud to be able to say under oath and with my hand on a Bible that I never ever voted for anyone with the last name of Bush. Not for Governor, not for President. I hear yas about the Bush-lash. You think you have had plenty of it? Try having had him for a Governor for 6 additional years before he became President! Yes, I've BTDT for 14 long years.

So, wouldn't you think I'd be wanting the Dems to win in November? If I was all about revenge, like Obama's campaign IS all about, I would. I'd be on that bandwagon in a heartbeat.

After all, Frank is for deregulating pot , and I'm for that, too.
I've always believed that Reagan committed one of the biggest slashing of our individual liberties by making it legal for employers to examine their employees' urine and blood, for anything, because what's next, our DNA? Oops, too late. They can look at that too.

But there comes a time when wise and knowledgeable citizens must put aside all but the most important criteria.

Let's put it this way: if you are sitting here reading this, I'm willing to bet that you have a pretty good life. You have internet access and the time to surf. You're either a Stay-At-Home or your job is so cush that you can read my blog and Lord knows what else without fear of firing. Both are pretty good situations.

In fact, on that classic election question, are you worse or better off than you were 4 years ago, I know very few people who are not better off. I know some who can't admit that or refuse to acknowledge things, but very few who, all things considered, say it's worse. Sure, some have less money, but let's not forget you chose to quit your job and stay home, and that fear you had about if you'd make it is nowhere to be found anymore because you were able to make it. This is what I mean by "all things considered" because those kinds of things have value too.

Here is where I ask the quick quiz: Part 1: What economic conditions, policies, etc., put you where you sit right now, huh? Be honest.

Now, Part 2: who are you voting for? If it's Obama, and yet you are sitting here reading my blog, reaping the benefits of trickle down and stay at home or good job, then you are one big fat hypocrite.

Sorry, but my country means much more to me than sparing your feelings. Please, at least be consistent. It keeps you from showing your ass. Because, if you don't or cannot or will not realize that it was the unrepentant and ruthless grab by left-wingers like Barney Frank to continue welfare through "fair" housing requirements in Fannie and Freddie, and through funneling taxpayer money to its activist arm called ACORN (a blatant continuation of that apparent in the original bailout bill pork to ACORN that the House Republicans managed to negotiate out of the final bill), that unhinged the commodity of horrors called sub-prime bundle tranches that unhinged the credit markets, then you really need to quit voting until you can understand basic economics. Because, with an Obama vote, it is you who continues to vote for the perpetrators of this existing credit clusterfuck.

Get over the Cool, get over the idealistic romping through the flowerful fields, get over the hip Holly-woody, and look at where your vote is going to lead the country. Can you see it, is it clear? I know there is no view, and you don't really know.

At least I know that a vote for McCain is going to lead to eventually letting the markets work this out, as it should do and has always done, without promising tens of trillions of dollars to my grand children's accounts payable for nothing.

No, my vote is not going to a cool new world accessible via the Dream of Change. My vote's going to 4 years of probably an austere road, where we all learn again how to not get in over our heads, even those among us who were already living life that austere way (moi). My vote is betting on the fact that if nothing else gets done but cutting unnecessary spending, then that is a huge accomplishment, especially in the light of today. Something at least will get done.

My vote is going to the preservation of a world that I know very well: this one, the one we are all in right now, and were in last year. It's in times like these that wise and knowledgeable people realize when it's time to batten down their hatches and preserve what they've got versus going off on a good-looking fairy-tale theory.

It's not the right time. Wait to pick the right time, for the love of us all.

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Linda said...

I'm so glad that you are back home. I hope things are getting back to normal for you.

The whole Barney Frank thing makes me mad. Did you see him on the O'Reilly Factor? Bill really tore into him, I thought he was going to lose it...good stuff though if you don't mind the shouting match. Look for it on You Tube if you missed it.