Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notes on the temporarily meaningless existence otherwise known as my life:

Did the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator and...
AIMESLEE, if you were born to Sarah Palin, your name would be:
Bush Gator Palin

Geebus, I can't catch a break, although I suppose I should be thankful it didn't name me Ike, lol.

Could you live on $20 a day for food if you lived in a hotel room and had no kitchen? I've been trying to since Hubs and Missy left. It's tough. I have a bag of chips and a 12-pack of Diet Cokes so I try to only buy the sandwich or entree. What I have discovered is that the healthier you want to eat and also satiate your hunger, the more expensive it becomes. No wonder lots of poor people are obese. Seriously.

Speaking of which, this is why I know: I have gained some weight. I can feel it and it don't feel fine. Maybe later today after my nap I will attempt some kind of fast. But being that going to get my meals are the bright spots of my day, I may fail miserably.

I really wonder about the weight gain since I try to get out every evening and walk around the hotel property 3 times. It's all I can do to get that much walking done because I am trying not to take so much pain reliever, but my lower back has degenerative disk disease and gets really painful after exactly 1/8 of a mile. I literally have fears of it freezing up on me while walking and not being able to get back to my room. I would seriously be crying, help, I've frozen and I can't get up. It's happened before and more than once.

I need to get out and do my laundry in a day or two...or three. Not looking forward to it. I have a dislike for laundromats.

I do a lot of driving around and wasting gas. Well, not a lot, but probably twice a day. Until yesterday, this would involve going only at certain times in order to be able to keep a parking place close to my room. But this week hardly anyone is here, so there are several open spots at all times. The weekends are definitely the busy times. This is a college town and they play football. Probably a factor.

I have finally discovered what the attraction to Starbucks is, because last week I became addicted to a daily large iced coffee from McDonalds. What it is is habit. And it's enjoyable.

Well, I had tons more to note, but they all seem silly to write down here now. While I was thinking them up they seemed great. I will leave you with one travel tidbit, though. How to stay regular on the road: I take my Metamucil powder in a bottled water every day by saving a plastic spoon from a leftover meal and folding a note paper in half. Spoon the Metamucil into the paper fold, then gingerly pour the powder into the little small opening of the water bottle. Screw the cap back onto the bottle and shake shake shake forever. The powder will eventually dissolve. Uncap and drink it down. I'm sure that some camper or RV'er already thought that up, but I sure was proud when I figured it out.


Linda said...

I hope you get power restored soon and can go home. Hang in there!

And my name would be Halter Grasshopper, not too much better than yours.

Sarah C. said...

Well, I tried the name generator - "Spine Breeder Palin." Oh my...

Sorry you are still stuck in the hotel. I hope they get the power on soon so you can go home. And, you are right, it is very difficult to eat healthy & cheap.