Monday, January 07, 2008

How Aimeslee Gets Her Groove Back....

... or attempts to, anyway. With me, it's always done by thinking and sculpting ideas.

I thought a lot this weekend about things: life, the new year, attitude, commitment, tasks, goals, dreams. I'm not sure I reached any concrete conclusions, but I do think I have some good leads about the directions in which I want to travel this year. And as I go about writing them down for you, I'm frankly amazed, just a little.

I realized how out of the loop and clueless I was just days ago. It's as if I've been piddling along in my own little world. Well, heck, I have been doing exactly that. Things I knew in my head needed to be decided this time of year were just not showing up on my radar, and I think it was on purpose. I need to ease into this year for some reason. This must be where the "No deadlines" thing is coming from. Anyway, none of these things actually are required of me, but now's the time to set them up if they are going to be done at all.

First, I've decided that the entire month of January is my time to celebrate New Years. It's all too much for me to have in place by 1/1, especially since I'm such an unrepentant slowpoke. Longer if I need it, and I probably will.

Second, what's my Word? This is not as easy to decide as choosing focus last year. I know the convention is one word, one little word, in fact; but, the Rebel in me is yelling. For one thing, I'm not feeling any one particular word over another. I mean, I have a list of like, 6. But no luck narrowing down to one. For another thing, I'm a fan of alliterative language, and I've been very fixated on two phrases using 4 rhyming words. It sounds really cheesy too, but it's where I want to explore right now.

Dare to Bare... Share to Care....

Visions of Care Bears keep littering the view. Half of me is almost ready to just accept them and incorporate them into the view, along with the rainbows that also appear. Pesky little devils. Yup, cheesy alright. Very too much 80's, right? Don't mean to, but the subconscious must want it badly.

I've almost decided to go with this WordQuad and just be different. I'm calling it One Little WordQuad. My Rebel side loves it. (rebel = artist)

Okay, it's official: I just blogged it in a comment to Ali herself, so no turning back. (Not that anyone is going to notice it, that is, LOL).

I had so much more to mention, but I'm needed elsewhere right now. I'll close with the 2peas blogger challenge for Today:
Do you try to get current pictures of yourself by doing a self photo shoot or having someone take them of you? If you have recently taken some new photos share with us
I actually do both now. Started a few months ago and already have double the photos of myself. (This sounds voluminous, but it really speaks more to how few photos I made of myself prior to now.) I've played with making typical MySpace-type self-photos (failing miserably and looking totally dorky), as well as bugging more people to snap the shutter for me. Both have their drawbacks, but I'll continue this way indefinitely.

Here's a favorite one from the holidays, of me with my Missy:

Have a great Monday!


Barbara Eastwick said...

What a great post - I was laughing the whole time I'm nodding in agreement - yep, she's nailed the January predicament on the head! It's a great picture of you and Missy! Happy New Year - and I hope you celebrate the 1st all month long!

Rachael said...

Happy New Year!!!!

What a cute picture of the two of you!!

Heather said...

Happy New Year Aimes! Enjoy your month long celebration! Love the picture of you and Missy! And I can't wait to see all that you create with your load of creative Christmas gifts!

Linda said...

Good for you celebrating the entire month of January! Enjoy it! I love the photo of you and Missy. And I mailed your package today! Thanks again!

Noelia said...

Celebrating the new year during the entire month of January seems like a good plan! I felt like that too. I was a little slow since Christmas and didn't make lists or chose a word for 2008. I just came up with one and made it "official" on Ali's site too hehe. Mine is renew. I think it's the same as renewal. Either one is fine with me, I might use both :)
Love the pic of you and Missy!

Kimmie Sue said...

This is the first time I've come to your blog and I love it! You crack me up! I'm putting you in my faves. :o)

Katy said...

Aimeslee...the photo is beautiful! catch you up.

I'm not mad at the man anymore. I'm just disillusioned. That's probably worse than being angry. You don't know any nice, single 40 something men who want to be with someone sweet who loves to cook and scrapbook, do you?

My life is the definition of chaos. I'm turning a blind eye to the mess of it all right now. Can't do much about it right now anyway.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

New Year's month... that has a nice ring to it! Thats a Great picture too!

grandmascraps said...

I have finally chosen my word. It came to me at church this week. The line from one of the songs we sang just struck a note with me ...Capture my heart. I love the word capture. It is my word for 2008.
check out my blog as I try to capture many of the things I have listed there.

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Oh Aimeslee, your blog is just a wonderful place to hang out! You can always count on a good giggle, some serious stuff and lots to think about!

I love your word quad concept - and the care bare image is too fun! But the message in the word quad is pretty deep - love that.

That pic of you and Missy is awesome. She clearly inherited your beauty genes - is she as talented a writer too?

Sarah C. said...

What a cute photo of you & Missy! :) I usually have to shove the camera into my DH's hands and tell him to take my pic. Otherwise, I'm behind the lens. Hopefully I can put myself in front of the camera more in 2008.

Linda said...

Yes, I was surprised to see it was you but I thought it was cool. And I thought dh was worth me breaking out the heat! I've tagged you too!

jill said...

more photos, 2008 word quad, Care Bears, celebrating the new year for a this post :)