Friday, January 04, 2008

Finally, My First 2008 Post!

Good Lord. You'd think I could come over here every couple of days and at least leave one sentence, a brief thought, anything?

Happy 2008. Hope things in your part of the world are shaping up well. I've been sick some and feeling fair to middlin', and at times downright bad. And I've pulled up the New Post screen a few times to blog, but bleh, nothing would form in my little head.

But my friend Cheryl created a new blog today and that kicked my sorry blogging rear into gear. I hang my head in shame as I was supposed to help her more with it. But I'm so glad she got 'er done. It's much better when the blog owner creates their own blog; they know where all the parts are and set it up like they want that way. Plus, I'm thankful she snapped me out of my fog as I really did need to get back here.

Let's see where I left off last... Since Christmas, my days have been spent either painfully enduring our cold fronts and humid rain, or fighting like a dog to keep my plugged up ear from driving me crazy. (That's another reason I've stayed away, although I could've come over and just said so, wouldn't have wanted to read some of my bitchings, I was in such a bad mood and still kind of crotchety.)

At the same time, I've also been busying myself as much as possible in some sort of cleaning and organizing frenzy similar to Spring Cleaning. No, I'm nowhere near finished. There's a lot that is disorganized and dirty. LOL But, I've been hacking away at it. Some days, the only interaction I had with the computer was to check on packages being mailed and attend to our personal banking and bills. A few days I spent starting up the year-end receipt collecting, and a little billing of clients and finishing up last tax season's paperwork.

It's just that time of the year for me to be in 3 places at once, and although I feel more addled than ever (and frequently wonder if that drug trial did any real good or not), I am also handling a lot, so who knows. My rheumatologist reminds me of that when I voice my concerns about it, so that's his position.

And I spent New Year's Eve alone, but that was fine. Hubs and Missy both had to work. That was at the height of my organizing craze, before my drive petered out, so I toasted the new year with coffee and the vacuum cleaner / noise maker. LOL

I really don't mind, but I should note that this has been the most nontraditional holidays I've had in a while. I'll be testing the superstitions, as we didn't eat the usual peas, cabbage and ham on New Years Day. Hubs was working and didn't feel like cooking, and I didn't feel like getting out to the grocery store, so I didn't want it that badly.

I've just really spent my time piddling, going from one project to another, however I felt like it, as long as I was either making progress or sleeping. When the pain gets intense and constant, it is the only two things I can do, and if I run out of food or supplies, I need help; otherwise, I'm able to cope. And Hubs hasn't been feeling good either, but he was able to keep us minimally supplied and the motors running.

Except for the front bathroom toilet. It chose to flood out of the bottom of it on NY Eve, wouldn'tcha know. We just put it out of order and waited for our plumber to get around to us, which was today. Two sharing one bathroom isn't that bad, but then Missy came home Thursday for a dental cleaning and a doctor appt today (she went back this afternoon). The only real problem we had was this morning, when Hubs somehow had a problem with Missy showering in the front bath and told her to use our shower, I guess he was forgetting it would really make it tight for us with 3 people getting ready for the day. She's gone now so the inconvenience was short-lived, but I still say it was not necessary. Don't know what gets into him sometimes.

We had to have the toilet re-seated and a new wax seal set. So, it's still curing, but should be ready for use tomorrow sometime. We can actually go a couple of days for good measure. Our plumber grouted it instead of caulking it. So it's gonna be on there good. I told him we need a fat-person's set-up, LOL He's so sweet, he said, "there's nobody at your house like that", LOL

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, there's a bit more. I know it seems like getting new stuff is all sweetness and light, but I have managed to find a dark side, and that's keeping up with all the shipments and unpacking stuff and then finding space for it all. Since I haven't felt like crafting, I haven't tried out any goodies yet, and that is sad. Gonna have to find time to remedy that!

But during the holidays, there was a part of the country, like around Utah, where I was not getting my packages from. Took forever on a few items and even one order had to be re-sent, as I suppose it was lost. The rest of the country was fast. Believe me, I know! LOL Don't know what the heck was the problem, bad weather or bad attitudes or sickness, but it has been really apparent. I am still waiting on some to finally get here. I'm talking 8 days, 11 days for Priority Mail packages. Like 6-7 of them taking that long. UPS lagged a bit the week before Christmas, so they had their troubles. Dang, I might could write a book on this subject, geez.

And, I haven't any resolutions, really. Although I must add, I never do. Haven't for like 10 years. When you get to be my age, you find you have the same ones every year, so you just keep one list going in perpetuity. LOL And every year ya get more and more comfortable with your vices, so the list gets shorter. It's basically a To Do List, nothing special. The big thing with me for this year is to only adhere to deadlines that are real and needed, and to quit making so many of the damn things up just to get more done. I guess it's my ear wigging out my nerves, but the deadlines are getting to me. Don't really know yet how to go about doing that exactly yet, but I'll come up with something.

Speaking of my ear, it did FINALLY start popping open intermittently like the doctor said it would, about a week ago. And that has been painful, I guess it's air pressure. Right now, it is finally staying open about 50% of the time, so every day it is slowly getting better, after weeks of totally no change. Unreal. And since I cannot get in to see the ENT until the end of the month, I might be better by then, who knows. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that once I began heating up the drops, they began to work a lot better. Geez. Could I be any denser? Either that or it was a coincidence. I'm not a doctor. And I still have not seen that much wax. So I am keeping my appt. Who knows what is in my ear? LOLOL

Well, my fingers are fixing to rebel. This is fortunate for you, because this has been pretty boring, I'm sure. That's me, boring. What can I say, I like it that way, LOL.


jill said...

Hi Aimeslee! So sorry to hear your still having problems with the ear infection.

We had a quiet new year's eve to but that was fine after having so many house guests for the christmas.

feel better soon!

BonnieRose said...

welcome back to blogging!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

glad to see you back posting! Hey I like that vacuum for a noise maker! Organizing is a great way to start off the New Year! That's on my list too! Hope you start feeling better!

csimmers said...

I'm happy to see you blogging again. I wish the weather would clear up for you so some of your pain might ease up. I hope you're able to break out some of your new toys and play. I can't wait to see what you create.

Linda said...

Happy New Year! It is good to see you back blogging! I hope you get some pain relief soon!

Dana said...

glad to have you back girlfriend!!!

Sarah C. said...

Aimeslee, glad to see you blogging again! Happy New Year! :) Hope your ear clears up soon.

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Well, Hello Aimes! So good to see ya back! Your posts always crack me up - bitchin' and all!

Gotta say, I feel terrible for you with that ear problem. The popping thing must be driving you nuts. I seriously hope it all clears up soon, so you can get into the full swing of 2008!

I'm excited to hear what's in all those shipments!

And I love your plumber! What a dude!

Hang in there, hun! It's gotta start looking up soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the land of blogging - it's been good to read an update from you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!