Friday, January 11, 2008

Degrees of Time: The week that was

Seems like this week's been juxtaposed against my life -- sorta like in the photo, where the clock hangs ironically next to my college diploma, as if to remind me, it's been a long time since I did that (1978). This past week's felt like it's taken almost as long, LOL.

**oh, note to file: I'm playing around with taking a photo daily if possible, like that one up there, but I'll be danged if I call that activity anything. Not yet, anyway. That'd make too many things I'm trying to do differently, then. And that sets me up for failure.*** I am just playing...

Last Friday, I was sitting around, piddling and out of NewYear focus, but happy and optimistic. I began to sharpen my focus on Saturday, 7 days ago. Monday has probably been my most optimistic day, but it's pretty much gone downhill since then.

Monday night, Hillary misted up and the media was in full-tilt nasty by Tuesday morning. Well, I guess I'm one of those women over 40 who were extremely offended by her treatment. My God, you know, I finally got it. The problem with Hillary is that she is threatening. And that's because she's so capable. And that's something I have seen happen to women all my life. And hello, move over racism, there's a new game in town. Now we are going to be dealing with a healthy bitter dose of both of them for the next year, like Battle of the Sexes Meets the Scourge of Racism. Godzilla himself would probably run screaming in fear.

If it plays out that way, then that means the generational history theory I'm such a huge fan of is going to come true 100%, and then it really is the Big One, Elizabeth. (Sigh, guess that one was lost on most...guess you have no idea who Samford & Son were, eh? Make that a 3-way and add in the Generation Gap, or whatever it's called today.)

On the home front, this was the week I was supposed to call the vet for the appointment to put Sheila down. I'd successfully managed to conveniently forget about it every single day until about 5:05 pm (and they close at 5), until today. So, Friday (today) at 2, I have to drive her there and hold her while she passes on, hopefully in peace.

Hubs wants nothing to do with it, and he's already got that on his plate with his dad. (The cancer in his lungs is Stage 4, by the way. And he never smoked.)

So I am giving Hubs a pass on Sheila. So for about the last 24 hours, I've been hoping against hope she dies during the night in her sleep, but that won't happen. I'm at least glad I have no doubt this is the best thing for her. I wish it made it a little easier.

Also this week, I've made a few hearty attempts at Sharing to Care. And wouldn't you know it? I managed to screw both up, somehow, LOL. No harm done, but still. Dang.

And I just know this has something to do with it: Hubs up and bought a widescreen digital tv, which promptly played a fuzzy picture back in his tv room. It replaced an analog set, so maybe it had some bearing. Anyway, Hubs brings the new set and sits it on our kitchen table in front of the little white set that's already there, and there it's sat until today. Hubs has watched the family room tv all week, which means he's hung out and slept in that room, too. Yup, the same couch I've used to do much of my sleeping the moment his snoring becomes unbearable.

Oy, it's just been a Twilight Zone episode all the way around. God Bless My Little Sheila. She's lived a good life. May she continue in Afterlife. Amen.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

always love reading your humor and in sites! So sorry about having to take the dog in today - thinking of you!

csimmers said...

My thoughts are with you as you take Sheila to the vet. I know how much you care about your furbabies, and I'm sure she knows how much you love her. I dread the time when I'll have to make this same decision. {{{hugs}}}

Kim Langston said...

I am sorry about Sheila. You know how I am with pets... and with the recent passing of my cat Simba, my heart goes out for you.

Sherry said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Sorry to hear about your dog Sheila. Praying for peace for her and for you.

toners said...

Oh, I am so sorry. Sending you (((hugs))) for this afternoon.

Maria said...

Hilary. .. ummm, she scares me.

I'm sorry to hear about Sheila. . .I would have difficulties dealing with putting my dogs down. I feel for you. I wish you the best and I hope Sheila passes peacefully. I guess it's for the best.


Noelia said...

My heart goes out to you Aimes. So sorry for Sheila, may she go peacefully.

jp said...

Awwww...{hugs} to you and Sheila.

Linda said...

I got your Sanford and Son reference, used to watch it when I was a kid.

Hugs to you, I'll be thinking about you.

Tami said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog! Also your fil. I have a friend who is only 53 who also was just diagnosed with bone cancer in October and about a month ago she was dianosed with stage 4 lunch cancer (also never smoked) and then just the other day was told that it had moved to the brain. You all are in my prayers!