Monday, November 26, 2007


...or so the headline should read. oops, my bad.
Hope no one missed my absence on black friday.
had i a lick of sense, i'd have planned to post today instead of then.

after the holiday weekend.

i'll have to say that this was the best holiday for me in many years. we celebrated with the hubster's family aka my in-laws, as we've done for the last 2-3 years since my parents moved away. we brought our famous corn casserole and our equally delish green bean casserole, with the topping of french's french fried onions. everyone was there, too, so that would be in addition to hubs, me and missy: hub's parents, his brother, 3 sisters, 1 sis-in-law, 2 bros-in-law, and 6 other grandchildren. what is that, 18 people. not one dull moment all day. gawd. why couldn't the previous 19 been this way?

hub's dad recently found out he has lung cancer, so i knew everyone would be on their best behavior, but even i was amazed at how loving everyone was. for hub's family, this is not a normal behavior, lol. they may love deeply, but they don't usually show it. whereas my family over-shows it.

so i was enjoying the atmosphere thursday. only bad things that happened were no ham to eat (bah!) and i should have flat ironed my hair because the nasty wet weather we had turned it into crap. Anyway, i figure if that was all, it was a very good day, and it was indeed.

well, where did i leave off on my art every day thing? i think 11/8's was the last i've shown. so, 11/9's aedm was baking Baking Powder Drop Biscuits Recipe
drop biscuits.
i'll just link you to my flickr, where the details are, if there are any.

11/10's aedm was a Green Butterfly Box
green butterfly box
that's another little stash box for a niece.

11/11, 11/12, and 11/13's aedm was a Birthday Card mosaic
birthday card for my friend cindy

11/14: Tollhouse Cookie Recipe
toll house choco-chip cookies
. and they were good, too. lol

11/15, 11/16, 11/17's aedm was a little art journal essay About that Christmas Cheer...
about that christmas cheer

finally, 11/18, 11/19, 11/20's was another little art essay piece THINK PINK! Thanksgiving Tradition
about my tradition of eating ham instead of turkey
on thanksgiving.

oh, i do need your help! this is an art journal piece that i finished up saturday. I haven't offically uploaded to flickr and called it an aedm yet because i don't know if it's finished or not. and, i'd love to know your thoughts or take, etc... some advice, please:

i'm wondering if it needs a title and/or some journaling. i really felt no need to add any (and i suppose that could be my answer, but i'd rather ask your input first). i cut that little girl off some junk mail, because she really looks dreamy, doesn't she? and then i began making a sunburst quilt pattern with paper scraps around her, that being her inner light shining out. and that's really all i wanted to say. so, do you see that just from the art? or do i need to add some words to make that happen? please leave me a comment or email.

that is all i've gotten uploaded so far. there are more because i am actually all caught up on my aedm's. i very much want to be excited about completing the entire month, it is the 26th after all, but that might jinx it so i won't mention it. lol but after what all happened over the weekend and the doctor today and the dentist tomorrow, i need to upload the others later in the week.

sometime during late saturday night / early sunday morning, hub's car tires were slashed. right in the driveway, next to our 2 other cars that were spared. and he says it was unlocked and nothing taken, so we are thinking a teen prank. it's really unsettled me even though i haven't let myself dwell on it too much. where we live is always peaceful and pretty untouched by any crime, so something as petty as this is big trauma.

every couple of years we will have cars broken into or some such, but that's it. lots of folks talk about property crime on a weekly basis. and we could clean out that garage and use it as it's intended. i doubt we'll do one thing different, though.

being hit by crime is just kinda unnerving, like you had to appear nekked in public or something. leaves ya a bit exposed. i plan to do my best to keep thinking of it as random and therefore over until the next time not soon.

now this worked out well for missy who had been campaigning to take her car back to school with her. suddenly it seemed maybe safer for her to do that, so off she left sunday and nobody had to take her. sweet. her insurance will go up again probably, but what else is new. with gasoline costs, it might be cheaper. might.

she got a job at the applebee's near the campus before she came home last week. another reason for needing her wheels back. she's got big plans for making some serious bucks. she knows it's hard work. so we'll see. how better to do that trial and error living otherwise known as growing up.

she was working 40-plus hours a week at the beginning of the semester at the book store (for the rush the first month), working hard, too. and she can always quit if it gets too hard. her advisor in communications (her major is broadcast - radio, tv & film) offered to get her a job operating a camera at the local nbc-affiliate for $7 an hour, but it was right after she'd accepted applebee's, and she's thinking she can make like $10 waitressing.

personally, i think she won't make that, but hey, not my life.

sunday i was stressed and exhausted over the tires and all the homecoming. hubs and i both fell asleep as soon as missy called to say she got to the dorms safely. and today I'm still dragging. so, i'll call this done for now. i'm thinking i will try to post this friday with more art.

i'm planning to start a card crop marathon on wednesday to finish them up and get started getting them mailed off. i did order stamps, but did i order enough? we are heading into that crunch down on christmas, aren't we? dec one is this saturday. ack!

i hope you each have an amazing fruitful week, since saturday will be december one and that means 25 days countdown crunch starts. ack! let's get in gear here, aimes...


Sarah C. said...

Glad to see you blogging again! Love the "think pink" - cracked me up! :)

Very scary about the car tires. Hope it was just a couple of bored teens and that they find something new (and legal) to entertain them.


Dana said...

Love all the creations girlie. Hope you find out what happened to those tires too. Dana

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

Linda said...

Love all your projects, especially the bad Santa one. Sorry about your tires, hopefully it won't happen again.

Sherry said...

I am in "deniel" I don't want Christmas to come!!! All I hear at my house is "I want, I want, I want..." and the greed is overwhelming.

Gosh, I love all your AEDM's what beautiful work. That little girl is gorgeous, I don't have a clue if you should "add" anything...but I like it. My fav is the santa journalling... awesome, I am gonna steal that... ;) And how can you NOT have turkey?? My mother n' law tried to do Ham this year and we protested...we got our turkey. (he he he).

Sorry your tires got cut and I am happy that you had a good Turkey Day. :D My dad too has lung cancer... it's tuff prayers out to your family and you fil. :)

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

So happy to see you blogging again, Aimes! Hope your hands are doing a whole lot better. Sounds like a nice peaceful Thanksgiving for you guys. I can't believe the car tires were slashed, though. WTH!!!

Loving all your art. You have been a busy gal.

csimmers said...

Hi Aimes! Good to see you blogging. I've missed your entries. I've also missed your artwork. I love what you've posted in this entry. It's GREAT! I especially love the journal piece about Mean Santa. Congrats on keeping up with the AEDM challenge.

Noelia said...

So glad to hear that this Thanksgiving was the best yet! Sorry to hear about your hub's dad having cancer, it sure makes you appreciate family even more so I'm glad that everyone was in their best behaviour for his sake. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful Christmas as well :)
I love all your art Aimes! I LOVE the Santa journal entry and the little girl is ADORABLE! I can't get my eyes off of her, she's so cute and dreamy like you said. I think you can do whatever you want, journal or just a simple title or even just a sentiment of how you feel about that picture or you can just leave it as is...totally up to you but it sure is lovely!

Seems like you're getting ready for the crunch...I've been too, but I've been prepping the house non-stop so not much blogging nowadays...oh well!