Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sumptuous Saturday Sightings

If you promise to come back to me, I'll share 2 glorious photos I found on my blog-trotting last night: Click here, but come back, ya hear! LOL

Scrapbookers Whose Work I'm Currently Once-Again Eye-Candying:
3. Mara-May
2. Adrienne Looman
1. Tracie H.

Moving right along, my Art Every Day project for 11/3 is a blinkie I created all on my own in Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop:

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I swear I think my true calling was in advertising. I'm an idea person, through and through. Last month, I developed the idea for a sub-group on 2peas for older scrappers, and I named it AARPeas. Cute, huh?

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Well, now it's an active sub-group on the Pub board. In a thread about being children of the fifties and sixties, I mentioned it and asked would anyone be interested. Yup. Marie even asked to moderate and run it, which was fine with me because like I said, I'm an idea person (which usually means not such a good action person). Frankly, it's kind of tough being an older member on 2peas. It's just the fault of numbers. The online part of this scrapbooking hobby is overwhelmingly GenX and Millenial (GenY). At least on 2peas it is. So, we mature-er ladies needed a lil sumpin' to call our own.

Now, this brings me to my latest blinkie, the CK one. I've held my tongue about the recent scandals, taking my time to really flesh out how I feel about it all. I know several things upset me about it, and geez, between the Big Picture ruckus, the CK HOF photog fiasco and now the 2peas G-Girls' private skank talk outing, I get dizzy trying to think about it at all. But, I do know my gut feeling on the HOF thing, and so once again, my facetious sense of humor honed right on in at CK's motto "CK OK" with the little check mark. Turning the phrase pretty much sums it all up for me on that particular verdict.

As for the others, I'm either still making up my mind or my cynicism over expecting any industry changes makes me want to just not think about it at all. I will confess to mulling over snarky references to gardens of eden and apples, but nothing catchy has come to me yet and may never. And to think, after 2 years of being on 2peas I finally place my first order the very same day that the "Glitch" post was made. Is my timing nuts, or what?

Speaking of orders, that 2peas order arrived today. I have not been able to find the 8x8 American Crafts 3-ring binders anywhere I usually shop, and I wanted some, dangit. 2peas was sold out (as usual - frustrating bigtime) of every spine color except the lavendar/lilac/purple/ whatever it's called, and that's Missy's favorite color. Plus that color was marked down 50% to like $6 a binder. So of course I scooped up 2 of them and had to exhibit tremendous self-control to not order more. Then, 2peas is one of the few places I know of that carries Maya Road chipboard albums and the darling little house books were in stock and at a great price, so I picked up 2 of those. Yes, I paid shipping {pout}, but I wanted those things. I through in the Queen & Co felt ribbon in the purple just for grins.

I also received my 2Scrappy Chix order. Got free shipping, and I scooped up some more felt ribbon, as well as some Marah Johnson goodies, some IP Circus Rose papers, the Cherry Arte Arcade papers I'd been denying myself, HS rhinestone stars, DCWV Rockstar shipboard alphas, and some Luxe Jotters. Nothing brand new, but all great stuff.

I had so much fun shopping there that when another ad for 30% off my entire order hit my inbox, I was back over there. I did more serious damage this time, eeks! I'll be sure and share when it arrives. All I will say is that I ordered enough to get free shipping and that was net of the 30% off. Good stuff!

A couple of days ago, I got the stamps I'd ordered from Scrap Candy. Finally, something new! LOL October Afternoon's Candid Camera stamps. I've been looking for a journaling stamp with the who/what/when/where/why questions, and this gave me 4 of those.

While it looks like I've gone hog wild with the pocketbook and to heck with my budget, let me share that all these items are part of a carefully thought out plan to one day soon be crafted into Christmas gifts. I have lists and lists on lists. So, I guess I could say I've already done quite a bit of shopping already. If the ding dang materials would craft themselves into cool presents, I'd be sitting pretty. LOL But I don't think I'll be hurting too much having to play and create, do you?


Leah said...

my hubster is the same way...he's a total idea guy! it's a good thing if you can find someone else to do the follow through part! :-)

Lynn said...

First let me say Thanks for your wonderful encouraging words you left me on my blog yesterday. You are right when it comes to never having enough support. I am keeping my fingers crossed for next weeks treatment to really kick in. Today I will be going for a tan (this usually helps tremendously) as the weather is kicking up here due to the remnents of hurricane Noel. I am also seriously thinking about getting my tickets out of here for a little bit and into warmer weather. DH will just have to struggle through like I do. I hope you are starting to feel a little better. Believe me, I know what you are going through. I will be emailing you.

Wow! you really did get some great mail! I just love those stamps! I might have to see about adding them to my wish list. They are perfect.

BTW- Love your blinkie!

Tina said...

Great post! Love all your links - I bookmarked them too! Love the order you got from 2P too - I'm a mini book jumkie!

Jill said...

What a fun place you have here! Being a child of the 60's.... I love the AARPeas!!!! Hee hee!
Have a great weekend. Stop by sometime!

Barbara said...

Great stamps! What fun you'll have with those! Love your projects - posting art everyday can get challenging - have fun!

Shirley Fyfe said...

Looks like you are ready to get creative now Aimeslee - you've certainly got some yummy goodies there!

gina said...

Being the one track mind that I am, what is the scandal to which you allude!? Is all not well in the scrap world? Inquiring minds and all that! Loving those goodies and I wish they had free intnl shipping...any ideas on that?

Anonymous said...

ps..I love Elizabeth's site!

Wyanne said...

Thanks for the eye candy photos! They were beautiful. Love your blinkies!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Aimeslee, you nut!! LOL!! I've decided that I have GOT to visit your blog first thing every morning! You totally pep up my day with your sense of humour and hilarious posts. I love AARPeas!! Perfect!

Thanks for those fabby links - I added them to my blogroll too. Lots of wonderful inspiring stuff. And I came right back here after visiting them. ;)

Have a great Sunday.

See ya tomorrow.... :)

grandmascraps said...

Love the stamps, Perfect for scrapbooks, and since I love crime mysteries the love the "Just the Facts" reminds me of the old dragnet series on TV, I am sure you remember it.