Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday's Here

My Art Every Day project for today is a cute little 'kinda' matching money box for my niece, to go with that Disney card. This is where I'll put her cash gift. That way she has 2 presents to go along with a book (I buy every niece and nephew one for Christmas just on general principles), cuz these are good for rings and 7-y-o-girl things. Polly Pockety things. Everyone needs a stash box, no matter how young or old, right?

I started about 8 of these almost 2 years ago, in addition to several that I made for Missy's friends in dance team. I got into a zone with my paints and didn't want to quit. The ones that didn't get finished were at least covered with color and could hang, waiting to be embellished. As happens a lot around here at Casa Miguel, inspiration hits me when it's ready to. I needed a little box to decorate and thought, now's the time to finish some of those that I'd started. Gotta love it, no expiration dates. That's how I roll, what can I say? LOL

In other news, I'm feeling calmer now, just about back to my status-quo. I spent last night blog-commenting, researching photo printers, watching some fave TV shows (Earl, The Office, Mad Men reruns), and a little guilty patterned paper shopping pleasure of pretty new stuff, believe it or not. (I know, I'm very bad, but I wanted it, and I'll blog about that this weekend and show what I got, maybe).

BTW, Mad Men continues its first season reruns every Thursday at 10 p.m. EST on AMC if you are interested in catching it. I myself became completely hooked on it, but was incredibly bored by the first episode and nearly didn't give it another chance. So, yes, you missed that episode but it might bode well that you did! You didn't miss anything you can't learn by starting with episode #2 on Nov. 8. LOL Let me just say, except for the Damages season finale (which was par excellence every second), Mad Men's finale was the best show I've seen in a while. Definitely grew on favorite Don Draper quote: "It's not a viewer. It's a carrousel." (Ya kinda have to watch it to understand...)

Anyway, Hubs' attempt to install our new dishwasher went bust, mainly because he was in one of his moods and did not want to do it at all. I see now that this contributed to my no-good-terrible-dayness as much as anything else, by the way. {eyeroll} He did get the old one out and I managed to get all the gunk off the floor of the cut-out, and so Jose the install guy is here today.

There's also a another glitch: the front of the new dishwasher had a dent in it that neither I nor Hubs saw. The install guy pointed it out, what a guy! and suggested that he install this one, then come back with a pristine one and swap it out once they get another one (a few days, as it has to come from another store because my local Lowes is all sold out of this model now). The obvious fix, a new front panel, was not an option on this model.

So, the dishwasher saga continues, except that I have one to use and try out until my undamaged one comes. And, Jose the install guy is very nice, so I'll get to have him visit again. So sad when you look forward to having the install guy visit, huh? LOL

Well, today's blog entry is being posted earlier than yesterday's, but I would like to shoot for posting each day's entry before I go to bed the night before. I'll keep trying to shave off time and hope for the best. Thanks for reading and commenting, guys, you totally rawk!


Sarah C. said...

Hi, Aimeslee! So, what did I guilt/inspire? :D The yummy new PPs?? So looking forward to seeing what you got. You must post photos!

Have a great weekend! ~Sarah

Linda said...

The box is so pretty and girly, perfect for a 7 yo girl. What kind of pp did you get? I am in a spending freeze so I will have to live through your shopping. :)