Friday, November 30, 2007

It's {still} Friday, and I'm Here!

true that.

it is 9pm my time and almost saturday, but i made it to post, as promised.

note to self: improvement over last time. yay for small accomplishments.

i won't go into what i had to wade through to get here. it's a little too woe-is-me, even for me. just know i was bound and determined to get here.

i didn't even blog last time about my hands and about the trial study drama. i've been trying not to think about it. but, my problems with the meds are still plaguing me, plus some. my toes are also in the same boat. damn, there went my idea to type with my toes, huh? lol but i'm hanging in, counting the days til i get tested (12 to be exact).

oh, and thanks for all the well-wishes and suggests. reading your comments helps me stay connected so much, and i'm really getting tired of only reading and not interacting on a daily basis. so, when i read your comments and emails, it helps me get through this, more than you'll ever know! {{{hugs}}}

i had to giggle at the voice-recognition idea for the blog posts, though. then it made my brain hurt when i thought about having to buy a program and ugh, learn it.

sort of ditto for the video idea, too, although the blame lies 100% with me on that one. i should know how to do that. it's almost 2008, for gawdsakes. and i do have the equipment. alas, i'm able to figure it out after investigating the idea, but only about 2% motivated to actually try. it's on my back burner for a later time, though, cuz occasional video blogging does seem pretty neat and intriguing...

oh, and thanks for putting up with the lower-case. hopefully, just a couple more weeks...

well, without further ado, i've some art to show that I've worked on since last I posted.

i'm linking to my flickr gallery, like last time, because there is more details about each piece posted over there, so it saves my fingers.

my aedm for 11/21 was our potato soup recipe:
the recipe itself is in the flickr description. we like this soup on the first day of a cold front, with some cornbread and a salad.

my aedm for 11/22, 11/23, and 11/24 is the dreamy girl i posted the last time, asking for ideas:
thank you to those who did offer up some. i've had some rhonna farrer autumn leaves stamps for a while that i had no clue how i was gonna use, but this gave me a chance to. you may notice the four stamped phrases surrounding her face. that's all i ended up doing. i could have flourish-stamped the edges all around and more, but i chose to keep it simple. this way, if the notion stays with me to do that, i always can. or not.

do you ever have any art (cards, layouts, journal pages, altered pieces)that you hesitate to finish, and decide not to for awhile? i've been going thru a phase lately where i hesitate to add on everything, fearing i'll ruin it by over-doing it. it's really a bugger to deal with, too. so, if my stuff seems too plain, that's probably why, sheesh! the worst part is, it may also be a wonderful thing. it might be me adjusting, evolving my style. i cannot see it in stone yet, though. so frustrating. the voices need to just tell me what's what and be done with it, ya know? hehehe

my aedm for 11/25 and 11/26 is a birthday card for the hubster's mom:
Birthday Card for my M-I-L
this card was inspired by a card i saw in my paper crafts magazine for dec/jan (current issue, pg. 36):

my aedm for 11/27 and 11/28 was a birthday i made for the hubster's oldest sister:
Birthday Card for my S-I-L
this card was also inspired by a card seen on the same page as the first one. lol, why not, they were both cute cards:

and finally, my aedm for 11/29 and 11/30...note to self: this means i actually completed aedm!!! yay for big accomplishments, too.
since i made a dozen of these cards, i decided to make a little photobucket slide show with them all and not clog up my flickr gallery with 7 uploads:

i told you i was going to start a holiday card marathon, and i did. i am trying to continue it through sunday, then see where i stand on how many i've completed. i'm at 28 completed right now. it is so fun! of course, i now wish i'd started in september, or maybe even july.

(note to self...yadayada).

next blog post will be monday, and i promise some cool web site shares, more creations, and a little family 411...

til then, have a great weekend, and leave me some comment love to let me know you stopped by!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Glad to see you posting - as long as you take care. Love all your cards and layouts!

jill said...

Hi Aimeslee!
Nice to see you back :) Love your card marathon! At this rate you'll have enough cards for all of your 2008 greetings.

Take care!

Lynn said...

Hi Aimeslee, So glad to see that you are still blogging. I've been thinking about you. I hope things are getting better. I know how hard this is for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the treatment works for you.

I have to say, your cards are amazing! I just love everything on them. Love the inking and wonderful papers you used. Great job.

I can't wait to check in on Monday and see what you have in store for us. Have a great weekend.

Barbara Eastwick said...

Love your cards - really great!

I hope you're doing better real soon! Take care!!

Linda said...

Love your cards! And congrats on completing aedm. Take care of yourself, I hope you are feeling better soon!

Sarah C. said...

Glad to see you're posting again - even if at a slower speed. Love the cards. So pretty! :)

Maureen said...

Love your cards, nice layout at well

Noelia said...

Love how your little girl lo ended up! I've been going through a phase of starting projects and not finishing them :)
Love both your cards!

Leah said...

yay! congrats on making it through aedm! i'm so glad you participated! i loved seeing all the photos of the things you've been working on. i especially liked the card you made for your hubster's mom!

csimmers said...

Glad to see all your artwork. Congrats on completing the monthly challenge. Hope all is well with you. My car died this week, so I had to buy a new car this weekend. Financial stresses abound, but I'll work through it. Hugs!

cookievf said...

Hi Hun! We've lost TOUCH! I am updating your link * right now *

Had to comment on this post cuz you know how much I love it when you make a card that was inspired by another. So COOL that you posted both. * YOU ROCK * girlfriend!

Lots to catch up on here, so I'll be reading and returning to keep in touch. Please come by soon & OFTEN! I miss your friendship & support :^p

- vicki xo