Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Nite, Irene and Hello, What?

Photo borrowed from my friend Elizabeth's blog
Of all the many heartbreaking photos captured from this destructive event, this one touches me the most. These folks lost their historic beach house on the Outer Banks of NC, and in a bittersweet move of sorrow, gratitude, respect and sadness, they chose to wade out to the front steps (all that remained) and watch one last sunset together. It's just very poignant to me and captures the loss eloquently. One day, they will be glad to have the photo to remember how they honored their memories there.

Well, as Neil Young said, Rust Never Sleeps. We are looking at another 2 storms this week, one of which is headed into the Gulf of Mexico and my neck of the woods. And no one can say what it's gonna do yet. They are guessing right now we will either get rain from a storm this weekend or nothing. For an area in drought, this is kind of cruel, don't you think? Last week, my dad commented he wished we'd get a good tropical storm come through and I told him, hush your mouth and don't invite trouble. Just sayin'...if we get a hurricane, it is all his fault!