Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A 2012 Advantage?

Is it beginning to sound like there's an echo?
Debt ceiling raised...through 2012.
Interest rates kept near zero...through 2012.

People, this goes against anything I've seen in my life. It almost seems like *UNFAIR* to the max (no one's beating down my door to ask my opinion, although that never stopped me yet). Nevertheless, I'll just ask: when does anyone get the right to have key parts of the economy jiggered with to help him win an election? Cuz, you know it sets a precedent. Yes, I know, cue the protests and cheeky comments, like, 'yeah, that has never been done before.' But it really hasn't...not out in the open and blatantly like this. Just sayin...

Well, so okay, so where's OUR 2012 advantage then? Maybe we'll have to make our own. Stay tuned, I might think up some possibles.

In the meantime, where is the Budget? Mr. Obama did submit one, finally, after 2 years, which was quickly and decisively voted down earlier this maybe on cue? It was weird when that happened. Now, I'm wondering if it was purposefully not have one. So, no Budget, no plan to have to stick to. That means "things" can evolve as needed, but only as needed by those powerful enough to get it, like Mr. Obama's administration (appointees' rulings, executive orders, negotiated legislation). This, too, is unprecedented in the increased range of its scope if not its contents, and in the tendrils that connect these unprecedented things.

I was talking with a neighbor recently, who voiced what I hear ALOT of people say, that they do not pay any attention to politics and what all's going on, because it is too negative. Historically, I've abided this without comment, but I'm beginning to sincerely believe that this is a bunk attitude that I need to call out. An attitude not worth bunk. A copout. More importantly, though, it is just what the pols want you to do, stick your head down your hole and leave them alone to screw things up the way they want to. This kind of attitude is fast becoming part of the problem, people. Instead, you -- we all -- need to be part of the solution. A solution that we need to not be quiet about.

For now, I've got my solution. Unless and until I see something better (something realistic, as opposed to clinging to the fantasy that Hillary will challenge Obama once more), I'm supporting Ron Paul. He's the only one out there right now in whom I can trust, I know fairly well what to expect, and whether we like what he's selling or not, it would be good for us. Who damn well cares if people accuse him of being nuts? That's a commonly used psychological tactic used to damage an opponent. And, as more and more of what Paul has been warning us about has come true right before our eyes, the tactic has been backfiring louder than a '54 Chevy in dire need of a tuneup.

Still, Team Obama continues to use the tactic shamelessly. Remember them painting McCain as confused and irrational? Those were code words for OLD. And for those under the rock star spell of Obama, it worked, on just enough swing voters who took the chance on Obama. Remember how McCain was painted as not expecting to survive a presidential term because of his cancer returning? One of my favorite things to do around those I know who bought into that is to greet them when I see them with something like, hey, imagine that -- McCain's still alive!!! They usually blush and mutter something like, yeah, okay, point taken. hehehe It never gets OLD for me. And when these same Koolaid drinkers gripe about how Obama has not turned out as expected, especially the lack of balls and conviction, I love to point out the many ways that illustrate that McCain has more of that in his little finger than Obama does in total. The most recent example I cannot wait to bring up is how he went right into a town hall meeting back home and refused to apologize for the hobbit remark -- LOVE THAT.

And while I'm on the subject of Team Obama's code word tactic, I saw yesterday that they are starting it up against Mitt Romney already. Romney's apparently WEIRD. This is their code word for Mormon. Hide and watch. I'm thinking, my word for that is LAME.

Anyway, back to Ron Paul. If and when he becomes a threat on Team Obama's radar, look for them to paint Paul as confused and irrational. It is just too damn easy, and Team Obama is lazy and not afraid to use these tactics blatantly and repeatedly. They do have balls in the campaigning dept. Too bad it doesn't spill over to governance.
Now, we are hearing that next Saturday, we may have a new entrant in the 2012 Presidential Circus, and I may have to reassess my choice of Paul, because as much as I've kind of not taken Governor Rick Perry seriously, really, the entire time he's been in office, lately I've realized, he is not that bad. He's got balls and he's not afraid of the Bushes, having already made himself an enemy of them by refusing to endorse someone they wanted him to. They have not been besties for several years now. The media is currently leading you to think he is the darling of Christian Conservatives, but do not be fooled. Perry's been persona non grata with many of them ever since he issued an executive order for Guardacil vaccination. The opposition is pretty intense. Guess ya just have to live here in Texas to know the real stories. I'll save it for a future blog post if he really jumps into the race.

For now, though, I'm waiting and watching the situation. Comparing Paul and Perry may leave me still in Paul's corner. For instance, this interest rate proclamation of Bernanke's that came out today. Paul would never agree to this because the market should determine interest rates in his view, and we all know that hasn't happened in like 20 years. This latest move, though, strikes me a bit like messing with DNA. I do not like it. Why that long of an artificial muzzle on them? Other than a political move to help Mr. Obama, please let me know what other reasons would cause this. Seriously, I would like to know. (But please, don't write to tell me it is to fight inflation. First, inflation will happen whether Bernanke wants it to or not, and Two, raising our interest rates, or allowing them to rise naturally, FIGHTS inflation. So, you can see the error in that  idea.)

A guy whose blog I read over at Seeking Alpha wrote the other day that he wondered what was causing interest rates to remain low, and his theory was that Bernanke must be constantly printing more money. That's just great. It's bad enough to have the dollar devalued, but to do it to ourselves? Again, one thing I do know is that Paul would never let this be done.

What do we have to look forward to indefinitely? Depressed real estate prices (some would say slashed, crashed, I do not disagree). Depressed stock market values. And increasingly, deflated currency. Great, just great. Are depressed Americans far behind?

I'm a big believer in leaving it up to God, which is why I have such a problem with all the Christians who don't do that, instead wanting to do the judge jury and executioner thing because they think that God wants and calls on them to do that. You know, the Bible says to render to Caesar what is Caesar's. It doesn't say, go take Caesar's job away from him and do it yourselves in God's or Jesus' name.

So, here is an idea for our advantage, the peoples' advantage in 2012. What if all the campaign money in the world (Obama is expected to raise record amounts), and all the political advantages of incumbency and government policies jiggered to his benefit, does not produce a win? Wow, wouldn't THAT be an amazing thing? Not for the incumbent, admittedly. But, it would do wonders for our political system. Perhaps a candidate's ideas and history and message would prove more important. I'd be happy with that advantage...