Friday, August 12, 2011

Gangs of London

I ask you, what is up with London lately?

I, like many people around the world, have seen the videos and photos online and on television over the last several days, of the rioting and looting going on. I'm also aware of the many attempts to pigeonhole this nightmare of events as a reaction to a police shooting of an innocent man as opposed to a reaction to the UK's recent austerity reform measures , which I find a bit hair-splitting.

I mean, how do you explain the comment of a rioter who, when asked why they were doing this, replied that they were showing "The Rich" (shop owners) that the rioters could do anything they wanted.

If these recent riots were not a reaction to getting weaned off the tit of UK socialistic cradle-to-grave welfare programs, then wouldn't the rioting be aimed at their government? Instead, they are being aimed at their own who have managed to rise a bit above a government check for survival.

True, one may have fermented the other, but to delineate the two with a brick wall of rationalization is in my opinion ridiculous. I think it is the American Leftist way of attempting Slight of Hand. In other words, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, this is not what happens when the State provides cradle-to-grave subsidy, creates the addiction, and then takes it away.

But, it most certainly does. People, any people, get used to what they are given. Just look at the en masse rejection on the part of the American people to the idea of cuts in Medicare and Social Security. They come to expect it, gosh darnit, especially as Time makes an ally of the expectation. In America, a program that was created to be catastrophic insurance against old-age destitution is now considered a right by all retired Americans whether they need it or not to avoid the poor house.

Sobering reality, isn't it? Don't kid yourself. That is one version of our future we are watching unfold over in London.