Friday, October 15, 2010

Tasty Organization

My newly-organized NutriSystems cupboard space...this is between half and two-thirds of a month's worth of food, so the two shelves I cleared should be enough room...
Just wanted to show off another *mindless* chore I finished while suffering through my allergy/cold/virus thing. Even when I couldn't concentrate on art, I found that I could *clean*. I just took it a bit at a time and laid down for breaks whenever I felt bad or had coughing fits.

I really had to do something, as my food has just been sitting on my kitchen table in basket boxes since I began Sept. 1. Not very attractive or efficient. One added bonus of the way Nutrisystem ships is that I get 3 of these basket boxes with every order as they are stacked inside one big box and helps to separate and protect my selections. I've already put a few boxes to work holding lightweight things for temporary storage.

As you can see, I am recycling post office shipping boxes. The one on the top shelf holds my breakfast foods. The green-labelled foods next to it are my lunch items. On the second shelf, the red-labelled foods are my dinner entrees, and the box next to them holds my dessert items. I'm really enjoying not having to pick up the heavy basket boxes, and I love being able to see my choices easily.

I was so afraid I wouldn't have enough space, so I got very stern with myself and lobbied Hubs to let me throw out the Ronco Rotisserie grill and a few other old appliances (this has been our appliance cupboard for a long time). That grill hadn't been used in a few years, ever since we got our invection toaster oven, but we certainly got our money's use out of it before that. So, neither of us felt bad about saying goodbye to it. Once he'd agreed to that, I finally felt like I was gonna be able to put my "groceries" away properly.

I haven't really written much about the progress I'm making on Nutrisystems, but I am having slow and steady success. My goal currently is to lose 8-10 pounds per month (their literature says I should lose 1-2 pounds per week, so that's pretty much in line when extrapolating to a monthly amount.

I did lose 10 pounds exactly for September, and I'm 3 pounds farther down as of 10-11-10. So, so far so good. I did have a minor setback the other day. I got sick again, this time involving my digestive tract. I think it was Monday. Neither of us felt great, but nevertheless we decided to go have my planned cheat meal of Mexican food (fajitas for two) at our fave restaurant as to celebrate my meeting my Sept. goal. Well, my digestion just shut down later that evening and I went to bed with horrible indigestion and loud stomach gurgling that ended in dull pains.

Tuesday, I awoke feeling no better, and made it into the kitchen for some Pepto Bismal just in time to throw up in our kitchen sink! Big meaty undigested chunks...just perfect for the garbage disposal, LOLOL. I felt better after that (and after a gazzilion doses of bleach to the sink and drain). But I still felt *off*. The same day, Hubs began getting the stomach symptoms and he had the runs instead of throw up. Then Wednesday, we each had what the other had had the day before. It was really strange, and another strangeness is that neither of us think it was from the Mexican food. We think it was like a second act to what we had last week. Like a two-part virus or something. Like I said, straaaaange.

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