Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aimeslee Lately...

Goodness! It's been awhile, but when I haven't been sick (since Oct. 4th !!!) I've been working with Hubs on some home work.

We are finally tackling our front bathroom. The bathtub tile needs to be regrouted and the wall above the tile needed to have the wallpaper stripped off and covered with more durable bathroom wall board. The ceiling needed repainting, too.
You can see a little of the wallpaper left to strip. The whole room is wallpaper and I like it. I know, weird maybe, but I do and I want to save it as long as possible before having to replace. So we are limiting the stripping to the wall above the tile.

See that vertical slice out of the grout? That was The Hubster's attempt to do it himself. He bought a Dremel Mighty Max Oscillating tool and started with lots of determination and drive but after discovering how long it takes an amateur he finally did what I'd been asking him to do and find the number of a good tile man from one of his buddies at work. I've stumbled upon a fabulous way to get Hubs off his tush and taking care of what bizness he can around here, the magic button to push, finally after all these years: start making plans to pay someone else to do it instead.

Amazingly simple, eh? He has finally had his dream bubble burst about being able to retire early, so I guess he's begnning to see more value in his own labor -- as in, saving money. Luckily, we've found a guy who does a lot of miscellaneous home repairs and charges a reasonable price, so my honey-do list may be getting shorter in the next few months. I'm ever hopeful!

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