Monday, October 12, 2009


Lots of stuff happening this past week...

First, the Nobel Peace Prize. It was over the top and I can't complain because it was a great chuckle. They are within the rules for awarding it to Obama, and he didn't ask for it that we know of. I'd be really harsh expecting him to give it back. He totally does not deserve it, but geez, what else is new. Seriously?

Second, I have finally made some progress in what I can stomach viewing on MSNBC. I now watch Morning Joe, Dylan Rattigan and Doctor Nancy, and then it is noon. Andrea Mitchell is on next and she makes me ill, so that's when I turn it to Fox FNC.  Martha and Chase, Shep, Neil Cavuto and then Beck. That's my new weekday background noise on the TV.

David Letterman's scandal: I think he should be fired for it, but knowing him, he probably has a contract clause exempting him from enforced good behavior. Criminal charges like were attempted against Clinton? If the shoe fits, but as he and Katie Couric are generally credited with carrying water for Obama during the election (remember their one-two punch hit on McCain?), so they both get light treatment.

I know he's a very bad boy, but Rush Limbaugh's comment about Obama's Nobel - "the  Ego has landed" - was too dang funny. Just sayin... and bad boys are bad, and bad. Roman Polanski bad? No, not that bad.

This whole Leftist defense of Polanski is another over-the-top oddity. Loved Mark Steyn's reply to when Whoopie said it's not rape-rape. Steyn said, no Whoopie, it isn't rape-rape. It's rape-rape-rape-rape. Priceless. Even Bill Mahr actually sense in his firm rejection of apology for Polanski.

I watched the most fascinating debate this past week between Sean Hannity and Michael Moore on Hannity. First off, Moore was utterly charming at best, disarming at worse. I was almost shocked, and wondered why...have I been led to believe worse of him all these years? Because either that is true, or he has the talented ability to morph into different temperments and personalities. I saw tremendous campassion about many different topics, but one issue still puzzles me. Hannity continually hammered him about his millionaire status whilst defaming capitalism in his new movie. And every time he flumbled a response into a nonresponse. He had nothing. It's a very convincing argument for hypocracy. All in all though, great debate.