Friday, October 16, 2009

I dunno I dunno I dunno

I really like Meghan McCain, even still after her latest misstep, but I still haveta chuckle about it because she completely stepped in it and frankly it stinks. It was a totally "Oh No U Di-in't" moment. First, she posted this photo on Twitter:

Now, I look at that and see very nice but frankly generic boob cleavage (like I can't see the same or worse after 15 minutes of watching tv or going to my local gas station or mall). I look a little longer and it hits me that maybe she is making a sarcastic statement about her cleavage and Warholian 15 minutes of fame? Or maybe I'm hot for Andy?

But, my reactions were obviously in the minority. Meghie's photo caused so much of a stir on the Nets that CNN's Jeannie Moos even had a go at it and her and Miley, to wit:

One thing I wanted to add was that I say you go, Meghie and Miley. Both of ya. I personally liked Miley's rap message, paraphrased, that she was tweeting about pimples, living her life for people and not moments. This is pretty much why I've so far avoid Twitter like the plague and closed my Facebook account. Heck, I have enough trouble being bossed around by blogging! It's reassuring to know that others find this troubling as well.


In other weird news, this whole Ban Rush from NFL football ownership kinda just drips with hypocracy, if you ask me. And I'm far from alone here. The double (triple? quad? quint? hex?) standards prompted one witty commenter to poetize:

The NFL and the media doesn't mind--
people who rape or sexual assault women
people who torture and muder dogs
people who are drug dealers
people who are pimps
people who beat their wives
people who commit dui manslaughter
people who owe millions in child support
Yet Rush Limbaugh is just sooooooo horrible.