Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Responsibility is so annoying

I've been reading a certain blog that belongs to a woman in New York state who makes decent art and produces thought-provoking content when she's blogging about it. Lately, though, she's been blogging about politics, which would be okay even if I disagree with her, except that she has shown in her personal life a tendency to be a high roller that just walks away when the going gets tough. And, of course, she wants government-paid health care for all.

I don't know, but I do not exactly value the opinion of someone who bought a half-million-dollar house on a variable rate loan that was impossible to keep up unless incomes constantly rose, which of course as luck would have it her income fell and the interest rate increased and now she's just walking away.

And, of course, she did the obligatory self-berating. Twice. But, she got over it really quick, pushing it out of her mind and life, vacationing here and there, buying as usual and whatever, instead of realizing that behavioral habits show either responsibility or irresponsibility.

And now, this person wants me to ignore the uncomfortable fact that we cannot afford to give everyone health care. Hmmm, why oh why do I see a parallel here?

Just today, the Obama administration finally corrected their projected deficit numbers to agree to what the CBO had asserted 6 months ago (and were attacked for it).  The administration admitted that they were $2 trillion off! TWO TRILLION off. Over the next ten years, their projected deficit of $7.1 trillion is really $9 trillion! NINE TRILLION DOLLARS.

I realize that someone who thinks that Life is bought with a credit card that has no limit would ask their fellow Americans to take on the cost of government-provided health care. Or maybe, someone who does not understand math at all. Or, someone who is just a high-roller with her own money. Or someone who just doesn't understand personal responsibility, maybe?

Did you know that just for the month of June only, we paid China over a billion dollars in interest on the money we owe them? $1.2 BILLION in INTEREST. How long can we keep that up?

Government-provided health care is a lofty and valiant goal. But the timing of doing it now is wrong, wrong, wrong. The CBO already proved it will not be paid for and will in fact add to the deficit substantially. And that smacks a big fat hole in "We cannot afford NOT to do it."

Check out U.S. Debt Clock and make sure you notice how much each household owes. Try not to freak out looking at all of that REALITY.

And when it all comes crashing down around us, who will be walking away instead of rolling up sleeves, picking up the pieces, accepting the limitations and rebuilding the old-fashioned way?

You know, having a political opinion that is different than mine does not keep me from reading and appreciating others' points of view. But reading someone show their irresponsible ass in their personal life and then expect me to play right along skeeves me out and is painful to read. And definitely does not convince me of her argument.