Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hillary's No Good Very Bad Days

By now, most of you have heard about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's press conference in Africa, where she called out a young African man who was more interested in what her husband thought about things than what she thinks. Just so you know, I think she blew it. But past that, she didn't blow much. My thought is, move on, nothing more to see here, aside from the lasting moral Don't Mess With the BullCow, Boys, You'll Get the Horms.

Since I read and watch news on both sides of the partisan divide, I have seen this covered in ways that have run the gamut from just-the-facts to in-depth psycho-babble. Curiously, the psycho-babble has come from the left-leaning sources. Whodathunkit? I mean, here is a perfect opportunity to rake Hillary over the coals on the Right, yet it has been mostly respectful.

MSNBC, though, takes the cake for what I call bitch-envy, I have to say. I've heard Daily Beast's Tina Brown and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell explain that Hillary was tired, her hair was flat in the heat, her pantsuited figure frumpy for lack of working out, and even that she was negatively distracted by Bill Clinton partying in Vegas for his birthday. Wow,  I guess it is true what they say about women being women's worst enemies.

But, only once did I even hear it suggested that Hillary could have been less than cordial due to the fact that nobody would have asked a man what his wife thought and you go girl, give em hell. That came from The NY Post's Kirsten Powers, a refreshingly even-toned and unafraid voice in these here political woods. That was my take on it after watching the episode.

Still, I must confess, I should have left it at that, but it kept occurring to me that Hillary just might have been a wee little bit irked watching America reliving a deja vu gotcha moment of hers while the African trip was unfolding. And no matter how hard I tried to discard it as just more bitch-slapping, I finally decided I really think it might have played a part in her temporary loss of temper. And, furthermore, I do not classify this as bitch-slapping or bitch-envy, but maybe just an observation of human nature and dreams once dreamt.

While Hillary was over in the African continent, we were over here in the midst of health-care meltdown. The clueless moron might respond, "and, so?" Those of us old enough to know better might recall that the last brave warrior to be struck down while fighting for nationalized healthcare was....wait for it...Hillary Clinton, as First Lady, in 1993-1994. One could conclude it was the reason for the GOP takeover of Congress in the 1994 midterms.

Now, I'm no Hillary mindreader. But, it stands to reason that even if she now merely looks back on that as a memory, it's not a good one. And if she still has the fight in her to support nationalized healthcare, then seeing us disembowel the stupidly constructed Congressional healthcare bill has to be downright enraging to her, although she should be placing private anger at Pelosi and Co. and at O'Boy Wonder himself for their many mistakes in trying to pass it. I'm thinking it would be a huge understatement to be visualizing her saying "Not again!"

So, if the gossips and bitches of the world (and that includes men like WaPo weinie Dana Milbank) want some kind of psycho-babble reason d'etre, I'd tell them to look no further than the current state of the healthcare bill. I'll not mention that Other Bill who was in Vegas, even though I know in my heart I'd have been nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof...and then once Hillary gets a vacation on Martha's Vineyard after all of that travelling, hear comes another Bill, as in hurricane, to muck that up.