Friday, August 07, 2009

Don't We Forget About You...

Writer / Director John Hughes,

Imagine a contemporary world or recent past without these movies:
The Breakfast Club
Ferris Buellar's Day Off
Vacation (et al)
Home Alone (et al)
Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles
Weird Science
Mr. Mom
Some Kind of Wonderful
Uncle Buck
The talented and expressive Hughes wrote and/or directed all of these. Drink in that list. He was one awesome filmmaker.
Rest in Peace, Sir.
...just catching up here, guys. I've been immersed in playing with paper and real life. I've been trying real hard to sit back these last weeks and either let Obama 's programs sweep in or drop to the ground without my commentary.

Because of that, I left my thoughts on Gatesgate go unblogged. I've actually been conflicted over it. I wonder if Obama was ever asked if "cops acted stupidly" meant in a racial way or an abuse way, because if he meant it in an abuse way, then I agree. Having said that though, no one I heard brought up that this is also a very local and long-time ongoing twit-fest between Boston p.d. and Hah-vahd inhabitants. It was going on when Obama was there, which to me is why he couldn't resist. It was local to him.

Hey, I always try to give him his due, believe it or not.

On to something I wrote about recently, I'd expressed the sad belief that we've never been more partisan. Every day brings added confirmation and heightening of that. All around me, I see people doing one of 2 things: getting angry or putting their heads in the sand.

All of this attack on the town hall protesters and linking them in total to those "birthers' is total nonsense. Feels like deja-vu all over again. Remember how mad I got after Tea-Party-ing? Same attack and I knew then those were folks same as me. Damn, where's my paycheck, then?!

This president is stuck in campaign mode and cannot transition to governing. That's okay and dandy with his supporters, so therein lies the problem, because he only talks to his supporters. He still has not spoken Word One to folks like me.

The story out yesterday about the new office of disinformation, or as I've begun saying, the Snitch Czar, just upsets me to the point that I'm thinking I will just go back to watching the parade from the sidelines. There's finally a downward trajectory in his poll numbers. The unions are going to send members to the meetings now, so there is the possibility for violence. It'll be like John and Kate before they announced the divorce, the wreck on the side of the highway we can't take our eyes off of.

Things are building up and the pimple's gonna pop, one way or another. Spike Lee oughta film it.

Cell phone videos changing the landscape of citizenship. Without them, would the protesters even have been known about?

It is one thing refreshing to see Bill and Hillary Clinton working so well and seamlessly together, for our country, doing it right, knowing what to do even where things are not 100%. Getting results. For what it's worth, I have heard people in my life the last few weeks lament a what-if over her, and I'm talking men who used to think of her like Liberals think of Palin. Never thought I'd see that. I manage a chuckle most of the time. I try to enjoy a little toldyaso, not too much.

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