Saturday, January 24, 2009

How sick can I get?

Yup. I'm pretty sure I can make my diagnosis now.

My head feels like there is a definite pressure cabin problem, yet no fever.

No matter how many times I blow my nose, it's always one blow short of being able to sound the All Clear...and by now I have the Rudolph to prove that.

You can definitely hear my every breath. Especially when I breathe through my mouth.

Every so often, the need to cough gently gives way to a whooping sound and chest rumble, which feels like there's a little concrete trying to set up in there.

My eyes kind of burn and the skin around them feels like it's lost all elasticity, so rubbing them hurts. I just finished putting some Visine in them, and they didn't even burn (any more than they have been).

And my body aches in places my arthritii has not yet gone. I do as little physical activity as possible, because it feels if I exert myself I'll make my cold worse. I do get my yoga stretches done twice a day, but then I have to just sit there for a long time afterwards.

I'm seriously considering sleeping for 3 days, until I remember I can hardly stay down for 6-8 hours anymore when I'm "ok". So much for that idea.

Still, I'm doing good so far about not having developed bronchitis yet. Once it settles into my chest, I'm a goner. It's Doc time.

So, here I sit, half expecting the worst, and marvelling at how there's still a chance I might just get better and over this in a matter of days. I am chugging down the OJ, hot green tea, vitamin c, and h2o.

If you would, please send me some get-well wishes. With any luck, I can head this thing off before my coughing gets to the "I-shoulda-bought-some-Depends" stage.

You older ladies will understand... ;-)))


littlescrapsofmagic said...

Oh, sweetie...those get well wishes are winging their way to you! Tuck yourself in bed, sleep, and drink some hot tea, or whatever soothes your throat.

Kim Langston said...

Are you sure you got a cold? Or maybe it is Cedar Fever (the cedar has been brutal lately)? I am not one for allergies... every once in awhile I have a flair up. But a few weeks ago I thought I had a sinus infection or a cold... however medicine for those didn't work. What worked for me was some Zyrtec D (or shall I say the Walgreen's equivalent Wal-zyr D) which is for allergies.

Hope you get well soon!!!!

Pearle said...

Oh, I understand! I'm sorry you're feelin sickly Aimeslee. Sending you lots of get well wishes and love.

Linda said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!