Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My 411 Lately...

WomenCount PAC was created to ensure that the 51 percent of American citizens who are women have their values and votes counted in the political process.
Our "Not So Fast" ad first ran in USA Today on Friday, May 16th. Since then, response to our effort from both the media and voters has been overwhelming. For more information, contact us at

Also, had a pleasant Mother's Day:

Missy had our fave photo of us sepia'ed and framed for my office.

Hubs got us chocolates.

And, my Muse has had me in a very anal retentive organizing mood lately. Into the minutia of cataloguing and indexing diecuts, which could last months but headway must be made before I literally go nuts over not knowing what I have that I can use to play with.

Here's a view of some of the index sheets I have completed. These are fun to look at, I think, but then I have a little bit of a diecut fetish:

Made a drawer into a basket with my antique kitchen cabinet handles:

And the Kids send Peace and Love to Blogland:


Linda said...

Good to see you back and blogging. Glad you had a nice a Mother's Day. Good luck with your die cut project!

Lynn said...

Aimes, glad to see you are doing ok.

Love the photo of you and Missy. Don't you just love those chocolates? Yummmmm.

Great idea for the basket out of a drawer. Again something I would never think to do. I have to get out of the box!

Love your photo of the kids.. Sending Peace and Love right back at you guys!

Sarah C. said...

Great Mother's Day gifts! :) Love the organization. I started doing that for my QK several months ago. Haven't finished yet...need to get back on that.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Benita said...

Great idea for organizing dies! Those chocolates look so yummy.....have one for me, okay? :)

Love the drawer, too! And GO Hillary! :)

Shirley Fyfe said...

Wow - you have been busy Aimeslee - so very organised! Love that photo too - the seois colour works perfectly!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

glad to see all is well. Absolutely love your quickutz organizing - something I MUST start!

Gabrielle said...

Love me my Quickutz too! :)

Noelia said...

Glad to see you updating your blog gf!
The photo of you and Missy is really beautiful, what a nice thing she did for you. Seems like you and I share a passion for organizing and having a home for everything. It drives me crazy if it doesn't. You're doing a great job at cataloging your QK's, don't give up, it'll be worth while once you're done.